Come On Down to Whataboutisms Plus!!! Your One-Stop Shop for All Things “Whataboutism”

Come On Down to Whataboutisms Plus!!! Your One-Stop Shop for All Things “Whataboutism” October 1, 2023

Hi there, friends!

Dennis Knapp, here, from Whataboutisms Plus!!! Your one-stop shop for all things “whataboutism.”

Looking for excuses for horrible opinions and need “reasons” to hold them? Then come on down!


Want to support abortion rights but still think it’s a little icky? Check out our selection of:

“What about” poor minority women of color?


“What about” complicated pregnancies?

Sure, these “whataboutisms” do make up the smallest percentages of abortions, but here at Whataboutisms Plus!!! the name of the game is emotional appeal, not truth. So, use these “whataboutisms” to justify all abortions, even the majority resulting from recreational sex. Come on down!


Ever heard the expression “the exception proves the rule?” Well, here at Whataboutisms Plus!!!, the exceptions ARE the rules! Lookie, here…

People used to think God made only men and women… How passé… At Whataboutisms Plus!!!, we offer…

“What about” intersex people? Or our current best-seller:

“What about” the opinions of the vast majority psychological and medical associations?

See! Who needs God when Whataboutisms Plus!!! gives the excuses needed to pump children full of hormones or schedule extremely costly and irreversible surgeries. I mean, WWJD, right?


Are you Catholic, but want to do your own thing? We’ve got you covered with our line of Catholic “whataboutism,” like:

“What about” modern understandings of science and psychology on human sexuality? Or the often purchased:

“What about” the fact that everyone sins, so let’s settle down on the high expectations, God. Or the equally popular:

“What about” God’s unconditional and indiscriminate love?

If you’ve got a bad opinion, we’ve got you covered!


So, come on down to Whataboutisms Plus!!!

Remember, all sales are final, and God will hold you accountable at the Final Judgment for each “whataboutism” purchased.

See you, soon!

Final Thoughts…

In all seriousness, the above humor highlights the absurd extreme some people go to to justify obviously poor thinking. I often get challenges on my blog in the form of many of the above “whataboutisms.” These comments are mostly exceptions to norms being offered up as new rules applicable to all. This “attempt” at reasoning fails on multiple levels, but mostly because they are red herrings meant to distract from the real issues discussed. So, please look out for those pesky “whataboutism” salesmen. Don’t fall for their tricky tactics.

Thank you!

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Come on Down!!!


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