“Sanctify, Sanctify!” – Ash Wednesday Sermon

“Sanctify, Sanctify!” – Ash Wednesday Sermon February 13, 2016


I was blessed with the opportunity to preach at Church of the Apostles, Kansas City on Ash Wednesday. What a privilege to proclaim God’s word before my family and home parish. Thank you Ellis and Cynthia Brust for the invitation!

The link to my sermon is right here.

Here is a little excerpt from my written copy:

At this point I would normally I would say that we cannot get to “Crucify him, crucify him!” on Good Friday without the “Hosannas” of Palm Sunday. And while that is still certainly true our Lenten journey has to be deeper than that. For we cannot cry out “Hosanna” or “Crucify” or  even “My Lord and my God” until we have first wailed, “Sanctify us, sanctify us!”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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