About the Author

About the Author

Thank you for checking out my blog, “The Liturgical Theologian.” My name is Porter Taylor and I currently live in Kansas with my beautiful bride, Rebecca, and our two boys, Jet and Case. I am an Anglican priest in the ACNA and am a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary. This blog is my outlet for my liturgical, theological and life musings.

Per my Twitter bio I am: Husband. Daddy. Disciple. Priest. Red Devil. Writer. Liturgiologist. Liturgical Theologian. Find me https://twitter.com/PorterCTaylor

The picture currently serving as my header was taken during my ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests in 2013. It is traditional for the ordinand to prostrate before the Lord in humble submission.

Thanks for reading and sharing with others!

About the Blog Title

“The Liturgical Theologian” actually has two meanings. The first meaning–and the one most relevant for this blog–is that I have been an Episcopalian/Anglican since I was four years old and I believe that I have been shaped and formed by my liturgical experiences. My blog writing will often reflect this reality as I weave liturgical pieces or reflections into everyday experiences.

The second meaning–and the one most relevant for my academic work–is that I consider myself to be in the Schmemann-Kavanagh-Fagerberg-Lathrop axis of liturgical theology. As an Anglican I desire to bridge the perceived gap between this school and the school represented by Michael Aune and others.

I have recently said that there are three questions I could spend the rest of my life and academic/professional career answering:

What are the Sacraments?

What is liturgy?

What is the Church?

To me these questions really get to the heart of understanding the God in Christ, the triune God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.