August 10, 2018

I cannot help but apologize for the long time that it took for me to get everything up and running on Patheos, but here we are and I am excited to begin! (more…) Read more

March 19, 2018

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update that new content will be coming soon! I think I am going to try to make videos as well as continue to write. I just need some time because the upcoming Holy Season of Easter is directly occupying my time! Blessings! ~John Paul Read more

March 5, 2018

This past Sunday, I was trying to think about what I should write for my reflection, but I couldn’t really come up with anything… that is until I hit my Holy Hour this morning. (more…) Read more

February 25, 2018

Hi everyone, it seems like I like to take a break every once in a while, but I am hoping that my schedule starts to clear up some more so that I can get back to writing! This week is the Second Sunday of Lent. I pray that your Lenten penances are going well, for mine is a struggle (I gave up cigarettes because I am a smoker). But I think that my struggle must be nothing in comparison to... Read more

February 11, 2018

Oh man, we’re gonna get a little bit controversial! (more…) Read more

February 10, 2018

Hi all! I am sorry that it has been a more than a full week since I have last published an article; a lot has happened over the past week, the biggest thing being the death of my Great-Aunt Geraldine. Obviously, I was busy with all sorts of funeral stuff and so I just couldn’t find the time to pop on! (more…) Read more

February 1, 2018

Numbers 20:1-13 When we look at Sacred Scripture, we find an immense amount of Scripture in which it seems that God is subject to human limitations. Throughout the Old Testament, there is a tendency to anthropomorphize God according to human standards. I would attribute at first, to that of the human authors of Sacred Scripture trying to make God accessible to their human audience. (more…) Read more

January 29, 2018

You know, I was on the slopes last week in Deep Creek, Maryland and I couldn’t help but think about Pope St. John Paul II and his passion for the outdoors. I felt that he was compelling me to go back up the slope each time that I wanted to be done and go home to my cabin and the warm fire. (more…) Read more

January 28, 2018

I think that what was my on heart this week during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was the idea of false prophets and the unclean spirit that Christ our Lord expelled from the man.  (more…) Read more

January 24, 2018

Hi all! This isn’t really a reflection on a specific topic within Sacred Scripture, rather it is some work that I had done for class and I thought it would be valuable to share with you.   (more…) Read more

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