What Happened to The Cruz Anointing?

What Happened to The Cruz Anointing? May 4, 2016
freeimages.com: File ID #1527130. Photo by Bob Smith.
freeimages.com: File ID #1527130. Photo by Bob Smith.

Apparently, the god of Ted Cruz who “anointed him to be President” forgot to tell Cruz that the “anointing” was being pulled – now who has yoke [1] on his face? Being a Progressive, I’m not a Cruz fan [ok, being human, I’m not a Cruz fan]– so, him pulling out, to me, is a good thing [no crying on my end]. With all this, I’m filled with questions, as I’m certain many others are. Please allow me to open my brainpan, and share with you the inner workings of my twisted mind:

[Wavy Lines, Wavy Lines, Wavy Lines]
If his god anointed him, why pull out? [I am talking about “pulling out of the race” – picturing anything else connected with the term “pull out” and Cruz is simply gross – don’t go there] Think about that [the race thing, not the other thing]. If he, and his Dad, truly believed he was anointed to be President, why not stay in until the end? Even if he was losing, his god would have pulled a miracle out of that big, fuzzy godly hat, right? Is his pulling out showing us that his god has no power? Does it show us his god is limited? Worse, does it show us that his god has a twisted sense of humor, telling him “go for it” while never really having his back? Did his god, pull back the anointing so he could put that anointing on his favorite Basketball team? I don’t know, all I can say is I’m happy he’s out [again, don’t go there] – now all we have to do is figure out how to blow Trump out of the water.

[Ending Wavy Lines, Ending Wavy Lines, Ending Wavy Lines]

[1] “Yoke” is a play on words – Jesus said, “take my yoke” 🙂


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