Why Would a Hardcore Republican Vote For Hillary?

Why Would a Hardcore Republican Vote For Hillary? May 5, 2016
CC0 Public Domain - Pic from pixabay.com
CC0 Public Domain – Pic from pixabay.com

Many hardcore Republicans say they refuse to support Trump because he is not a ‘True Republican’[here, here, and here]. Those same hardcore Republicans say they’ll vote for Hillary instead. So, my questions are: Why would a hardcore Republican endorse, support, and vote for Hillary? What do they see in Hillary that makes them think she’s a better Republican than Trump?

I’ll admit I have a ton more questions, and I’ll be asking them as we move along.

I have to admit, I’ve never been much of a Clinton supporter [either Hillary, or Bill]. They just seem off to me. I’ve a hard time seeing either of them telling the truth. They just come across, shady, and I’m a lifelong Progressive Democrat. When Cruz took his last bow, and Kasich ran for cover, Trump became the ‘last man standing’ [the term ‘man’ is used out of respect – the word I had originally selected was rather harsh]. Many Republicans took to Social Media to proclaim their undying support not to vote for Trump. When they did, many said they would vote for Hillary. This confuses me, and to be honest with you it takes a lot to get me confused. If hardcore Republicans are moving away from their party, and voting Democrat, does that mean the current incarnation of the Democratic Party is, at its core, Republican?

The reason all this confuses, me is not long ago many of the same people willing to vote for Hillary, proclaimed Hillary as a person not to be trusted – they would give a litany of all her wrong doings, praying for her downfall. Now, after Trump is all but a lock for the GOP nominee, they are striving to support her – many even claiming they will vote for her. WHY?

If they see Trump as not a true Republican – many claiming he’s way too liberal – why would they vote for Hillary? I thought she was liberal? Doesn’t she claim to be progressive? Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Is Hillary closer to a Republican then to a Democrat?

I’m not sure how to process all this.

Some have told me that they would pick Hillary over Trump because of Trump, I get that. But, if you’re a hardcore Republican, pro-business, pro-Wall Street, pro-conservative, anti-women’s health, anti-gay anything – why would you put your support behind a person who claims to be against everything you stand for? Could it be, that Hillary has more in common with Republicans then with Progressives?

I don’t know, like I said, I’m still processing it all. All I do know is, I FEEL THE BERN 🙂

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