Who Cares What Translation You Use

Who Cares What Translation You Use October 4, 2016

(c) John C O'Keefe - use as you desire
(c) John C O’Keefe – use as you desire

I’m so tired of hearing people debate [no, whine] over which translation of the Collective Narrative is best, or the true translation. It’s like listening to a two-year-old learning the alphabet while eating her lunch; no, let me take that back. A two-year-old learning the alphabet while rating alphabet soup is cute, and there is nothing cute about adults, adulting over translations – while condemning those who don’t accept their translation to some medieval version of hell [thank you Donte].

Currently there are as many as 50 different English translations of the Collective Narrative – so, hearing adults crying that the KJV, or the NKJV, or the NIV, or the RSV, or the NRSV, or the MSG, or the CEV, or the, whatever three/four letter combo you can come up with, is the true, is beyond childish. Yes, beyond childish. I don’t care what translation you read, if you find a translation that fits you, great – that doesn’t mean it must fit everyone else.

Being a Vegas boy, I’ll wager you picked the translation you did because someone [a pastor, teacher, professor, scholar, theologian, church, denomination, or other] told you “this is only one true translation, and all others are wrong.” Even if you did research, and I’m doubtful most did, you read those online articles, or books, others told you to read, never realizing they pointed you in a direction that supported their view. 99% of those claiming to know, have no idea how the translation they like came into being; there’s nothing wrong with that, just admit it – you like the translation you have because it reads best to you.

I have watched people argue over which translation they claim to be the “true” translation [not true, I’ve not watched – I’ve laughed, I’ve laughed so hard sometimes stuff came out of place it shouldn’t’ve]. What I found so funny is, while they were debating the virtues of their translation, and demonizing all others, they never once realizing that NONE OF THEM are spot-on. That’s right, they all have mistaken, all have imperfections, and none are the “true” Collective Narrative. I know what you are going to say, ‘Some have less” – well, less mold is still mold. You’re now thinking, ‘Well, some are paraphrases.’ Let me just say, ‘Big Freakin’ Whoop.’

Stop trying to push others aside because they don’t read the same translation you read – remember:

People will read different translations, and the faith will move along.
People will come to different conclusions, and lightening will not destroy their church.
People will find comfort in what they read, and differ from you.

People will connect to the Divine in the way that works for them – stop trying to force them into living their faith as you do – what works for you, may not [and most likely won’t] work for others. Who died, and left you the boss? [LOL]

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