We All Know A Richard

We All Know A Richard December 29, 2016
Pixabay.com CCO
Pixabay.com CCO

Here is a story I wrote: We all know a Richard.

One day, Richard’s friend Sue invited him to a Plexus Gathering in their town. Richard was concerned, but he knew he needed something in his life to make a difference, so he decided to go – he figured he had nothing to lose.

As he entered the gathering, he was confronted with people who seemed truly happy to see him. He was introduced around to many of the people who have been involved in Plexus for several years. He met a couple, Jan and Mike, and they shared with him their story.

Soon, people started to sit down, a person stood up, introduced themselves, and showed videos of people sharing stories of how Plexus changed their lives. Richard was captivated by the emotion of each video. When the videos were over, the band started playing song about the virtues of Plexus. Richard found himself caught-up in the excitement; he started to join in the songs, clapping, and shouting as the music drove those gathered into an excited state. As the music came to an end, the main speaker started to walk across the stage to speak – people were still in a state of excitement, and could hardly wait to hear this man speak. As he started to share all the exciting news of Plexus, and how Plexus had changed so many lives, people would shout-out in excitement. At the end, he asked if any new people were present, who have never tried Plexus. He said, “If you never tried Plexus, come up to the front and receive a free 30-day supply, it will change your life.”

Richard was overwhelmed with emotions, he was excited about all the stories of changed lives, and he knew he needed to change his life. Caught-up in the excitement, he ran to the front, among people shouting, and clapping, to get his supply. When he did, Jan and Mike met him at the front. They welcomed him, and invited him to attend a smaller gathering at their home. Richard felt welcomed, and accepted.

On the way home, Richard could hardly speak; he was processing the events of the day and was over the top with the possibilities Plexus could bring to his life.

Later that week, Richard connected to the smaller gathering at the home of Jan and Mike. Jan and Mike seemed like great people, and took a real interest in Richard. While the gathering at Jan and Mike’s was smaller, it was still connected to the excitement of the larger gathering. They shared stories, showed videos, and explained to everyone, if Plexus changed their lives, they should share Plexus with others. At the end of the meeting, they took Richard aside and shared with him how he could connect with people on Social Media, how he could find old friends he had not spoken to in a long time and share the benefits of Plexus with them.

Soon Richard found himself posting all the time about Plexus, and how it was going to change his life. His friends on Social Media would comment on his posts, and ask him to lighten up – but he refused. One day he posted meme that said, “If my use of Plexus bugs you, I’m not sorry – I LOVE PLEXUS”

Every time me met someone new, he shared his story of Plexus. Soon, he found himself hanging out with only others who used Plexus, and he grew stronger in his commitment to Plexus. Many of his old friends were of no interest to him, because they refused to try Plexus, and receive the benefits. Over time, Richard became more, and more, involved with Plexus – and nothing else. Anyone who would speak out against Plexus soon became seen as enemies.

 Now, replace Plexus with Christian, and see if anything changes.

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