Immigration In America

Immigration In America February 25, 2017
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I am certain we can all agree that America is the greatest country on earth. Over the past decades, our America greatness has been under assault by Illegal Immigrants. They flood out boarders and lay waste to our American way of life. To be honest, I had enough; those people come to our boarders without a visa, without a green card, without a passport, without identification of any kind. We simply have to accept their word that they are who they claim to be and why they came to our country. They are a drain on the economy, they fill our prisons, they form gangs and create a culture of illegal activity, they force their religion on us and expect that we accept their religious views. If we’re not careful, they will destroy our American way of life; we must hold strong.

They bring into America their language, and many refusing to learn English – and when they do speak English they have such a heavy accent one can hardly understand a word they say. They are angry, alcoholics who drank all the time and are regularly in fights; they have no respect for the law, and every time you see them, they have a bottle in their hands. Their illiterate, greedy, lazy, and their families are large and clannish; they bred like rabbits. They come here with little or no skills, with the exception of cooking, cleaning, and some manual labor, that is if you can get them to work at all. They come to America, not with plans of fitting in but of taking over; they have no desire to fit into the American culture. Their desire is to change America with their holidays, their language, their culture, and to forever change the basic principles of freedom in America.

As native-born Americans, we need to be careful, because they have unknown motives; we must be concerned about our security. They will over burden the system of care, leaving less for the hard working, taxpaying, American citizen. Generally, we can see them as dirty, job-stealing, poor, uneducated, low-skilled, uninvited invaders who were going to ruin America. Because they are willing to work for almost nothing, native-born workers worry that their own wages will decline, and they in turn will have less because of them. We must also remember that they come here with unknown health conditions. We have no idea what those wrenched children, and their parents carry with them that could affect the health of native-born Americans.

Our past Administration had an “open borders” policy were with minimal processing those immigrants can fill in a few lines and be on their way. It is time we put them on a boat and send them back to where they came from; we don’t need those stinking Irish in America.

(Stings, when you realize the things some say about new immigrants was said about your parents, and your grandparents. The above article is based on several articles written over a period of 1860 and 1920 centering on Irish immigration; this article could have been written about Germans, Italians, or many other ethnic group coming to USAmerica in the past. The attitude concerning the Irish in America did not change with subsequent immigrations (Employment for the Irish was almost impossible – it was called “NINA” – No Irish Need Apply). Today, every concern about the Irish, or other past groups, is being placed at the feet of those coming from Latin American Countries, or the Middle East. Our history of immigration has always been to fear the next wave. However, each wave of new people coming into America adds to our mosaic, and enriches America in amazing ways. We need to welcome and embrace all who come here – it is as much their home as it is ours.)

Green Cards: Before WWII there was no need to have a green card. The “green card” was first issued in 1950 – with Alien Registration cards first issued in 1944
Visa and Passport: Before WWI neither a Visa or a Passport was required for travel.

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