Here Are Some Things We Should Give-up For Lent

Here Are Some Things We Should Give-up For Lent March 3, 2017
Use as you desire
Use as you desire

Let’s start with a question: What are you giving-up for Lent?

Not growing-up in the church, I stood on the outside, viewing Lent with very different eyes, confused on how people celebrated this thing they called, the Lenten Season. Looking back, as a confused pre-teen, I saw Lent as a time when those who attended church would give things up, as some kind of badge of honor. They would give-up things like coffee, chocolate, cussing, and over eating. It always seemed to me, Lent was a time where people gave-up something they felt made them look good [‘I can’t, I gave that up for Lent’], but by giving it up, it benefits only themselves – or, it was something they felt was easy to give-up. They would give-up only those things they felt they could go without for the 40 days of Lent, there was no desire for a long-term commitment; they never gave things up forever. I remember one friend’s family would hold a ‘End of Lent Party’ where people from their church would gather together on the last day of Lent, and partake in all the things they gave-up for Lent. My friend thought it was the coolest thing every, because his Mom always gave-up chocolate for Lent, so after Lent the house was filled with tons of chocolate.

As I moved along in my faith journey, I’m always reminded of this when I hear people talk about Lent. This got me thinking of some What Ifs:

What if, we saw Lent as a time to make a dramatic change in our lives?
What if, we saw giving-up something that would not only help us, but would benefit the world we live in?
What if, we truly looked deep into who we are, and made a true, and lasting change?

While trying to answer those question, here’s a list of things, I believe, we should give-up for Lent:

Blaming Others
Marginalizing Others
Feeling Inferior

I’m sure you can think of others. If you can, either post in the comment section here, or on our Facebook Page.

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