Rob Bell on Personal Burnout and Being Human

Rob Bell on Personal Burnout and Being Human August 18, 2011

Any thoughts?  I can relate to this in many ways…


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  • David Foreman

    Good insights.

  • I think that is a very wise choice. A side benefit is that when the pastor creates strong boundaries, it actually can empower others to step up and you end up with something that might begin to resemble a “priesthood of all believers.” Super pastors who do everything undercut the very thing they are working for.

  • Yeah, I think a major temptation for pastors is the mindset that the church depends on *me.* Like if we’re not holding it together, then who will? And the fact is that it’s not us who holds the church together, but if it’s going to be held together, it’s going to be held together by God.

    There was one time in my ministry that I was so worked up about *the church* that I ended up in the ER. When I was able to hand the church back over to the One whose church it really is anyway…wow, that was pretty liberating.

  • I think he makes some great points, Kurt, and I appreciated his honesty. But that “healthy place of shalom” he mentions, and appropriately so, I wonder if it’s worth asking how that is impacted by seeking out or continuing to foster an ever-expanding church ministry in the first place, or any ministry or even communications platform for that matter? – Ben

  • Brad Anderson

    Some good thoughts.  I wonder how many pastors start churches (a questionable phenomenon much of the time) looking for a group of elders or “wise ones” to whom they can submit themselves from the get-go.

  • Thank you. I agree 100%