Real Men of Jesus – Mr. Over-Emotional Worship Leader

Real Men of Jesus – Mr. Over-Emotional Worship Leader February 23, 2012

TO BE CLEAR: This video illustrates the temptation of all who lead “up front” for narcissism not a critique of feminism. Hope that’s clear ūüôā

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  • Hysterical!

  • Ha Ha

  • Chris Wooden1

    Amazing and far too true.

  • Sarah Sponda

    I don’t get it… I just subscribed to your blog so I’m not sure what your perspective is here, and I’m interested to know.¬† This sounds like the Mark Driscoll ‘manly-man vs feminine man’ stuff.¬†
    I’ve been out of traditional church for awhile, but it seems to me that mocking someone’s worshiping style is kind of, well, wrong.¬† Just looking for clarification if that is what the purpose of posting this was.

    • Mike Ward

      Sarah, I can’t see this particular video from where I am right now, but I wanted to say that speaking as someone who has fundemental differences of opinon with Kurt and disagrees with him¬†all the time and who has even criticized him–I think I’ve accused him of hypocracy even but at some times aren’t we all–pound for pound you’ll be hard pressed to find a kinder Christian blogger who is more sensitive to others than Kurt.

      So even is this video is mocking or wrong (not saying it is or isn’t since I cannot see it) don’t hold it against Kurt.

      And for the record, I’m not one of these people who sees the best in everyone–I’ve quit reading at least¬†six other Christian blogs because I thought the bloggers were jerks (and I can be a bit of jerk sometime myself) so if Kurt wasn’t a nice guy I’d say so.

      • Thanks Mike! Seriously ūüôā

      • Sarah’s inquest seems quite genuine and the question and concern she has raised has gone unanswered by you and Amy.¬†

        Sarah’s primary question: is the intent of posting this video here to mock this kind of worship style? <— that is the question that deserves an answer.

        If my style of worship was less intense I might join others in saying, "ha ha". As it is, it seems that a "real" man who gets emotional during worship is mock worthy.

        I feel a blog post coming on…. ūüôā

        • AmyS

          It’s funny because it taps into the fakery and showmanship that, if we are honest, slips into leadership from time to time. There is a stereotypically manipulative emotionalism and hype that can creep into worship music leadership, and this satirical critique is valuable in getting us to look at something that might need a little correction.

          If a woman or a man wants to whoop and holler and cry during worship, and the context is reasonably receptive to such a thing (that is, most people won’t be so disrupted that they can’t enter into worship), I say go for it. No problem here.

          If a worship leader is habitually manipulative and hype-oriented–such that the congregation can practically predict his/her emotional expression, this might be something to consider.

          Seriously, if we can’t laugh at this, we are taking ourselves way too seriously. I can find plenty of the things in that video that expose my own immaturity in leadership. And if we aren’t able to hold ourselves accountable to a high level of authenticity, what’s the point of all this anyway?¬†

          • I agree with everything Amy said!

            KURT WILLEMS

          • AmyS

            Even the part where I used “seriously” twice in the same sentence? Hahaha!

          • ¬†double seriously ya

          • Sarah Sponda

            ¬†This makes sense, Amy. When I watched the video the worship leader seemed sincere to me. I didn’t really ‘get’ that he was actually supposed to be faking… which is I think what the point was?

        • Oh brother Derek‚Ķ This is about narcissism and not about femininity!

          KURT WILLEMS

          • AmyS

            I laugh (and Kurt, you know I laughed hard) because I see myself (and can review decades of worship leadership–in wonderfully charismatic/pentecostal/evangelical/contemporary/rockin’ churches with men who dance and cry and laugh and whistle and women who do so too.¬†

            I laugh because it hits close to home. The target is on my own chest.

    • AmyS

      Sarah, I’m pretty sure you’d find Kurt and Mark Driscoll in pretty different corners of the camp. Knowing Kurt, he’s not equating emotion (or “over-emotionality”) with femininity or women. If he was, you might be on to something, but that’s not what Kurt has said, ever. The video doesn’t say that either.

      P.S., I’m one of the pastors of the community wherein Kurt is presently active. Based on my name, you can see that I am either a woman or a man with a woman’s name. Either way, you can be sure that I would not fit in very well at a driscollesque church.¬†

    • @google-8f14eb2b676cd51da9c9a8f9782614a0:disqus … I do not endorse the man vs feminine stuff of the neo reformed groups.¬† I actually wrote about that a coupel weeks ago:

      I am an egalitarian.  I believe in having both masculine and feminine and dont draw strict lines in these areas. 

      The issue here is not about emotion (which I affirm is good) but rather becoming self focused in worship.¬† This could have easily been “its all about me, Jesus” (another youtube video).¬† The problem it illustrates is that when people are given a platform we are invited to do so with humility and integrity, but if we draw more attention to ourselves than to God, we do a disservice to the congregation and the kingdom.¬†

      the issue is narcissism not feminism. 

  • “Your trading your sorrows and it looks like you have a lot to give”

    Great satire!

  • Anonymous

    Since I never listen to videos but only watch them (I don’t have sound on my computer) I can only assume this is meant as a¬†humorous¬†take on worship performers. I found the guy with the wireless microphone and the unplugged wired microphone particularly amusing.

    • AmyS

      You might want to think about fixing that sound problem. Headphones maybe?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t have sound on purpose. I shut off the speaker etc. It’s never been that useful to me to have sound on this computer. There is just too much online that makes noise for no good reason so it’s all turned off. I have almost never regretted not having easy access to racket, oops I mean sound.¬†

  • I applied for a Worship Leader position recently. I should just send this in with my resume and say, “I’m not this guy.”

  • Brad Danielson

    My favorite parts of the video are the fact that the worship leader is wearing a headset mic, AND singing into a¬† Shure mic….and also the fact that the “hype man” singing the “commercial parts” of the song, is singing into a kick drum mic.¬† Classic!!!!¬†

    • ¬†@5e712f18f877cfaf9afbb8c95fb35bda:disqus … I noticed the mic thing too!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it should really be surprising that a worship leader be narcissistic when so many of the songs in the church today are focused on self-love. ¬†“Lead me, bless me, touch me, fill me, show me,… me me me me me…” ¬†So what comes first, the writing of the songs or the leaders (who don’t write) who play what songs are readily available? ¬†Or is it the teaching in the church that bows to our culture and propagates the subtle lie that somehow God is here to serve our emotions and personal state of well being? ¬†What ever happened to adoration? ¬†Standing in the presence of a holy God? ¬†

    Really though, whether in front of an audience or in the privacy of a prayer room where nobody sees, anyone claiming to have experienced the presence of God without feeling a twinge of ¬†“Woe of me, I am undone…” (Isaiah 6:5) is, well, questionable. ¬†

    Tears should not be for show, and I totally agree there. ¬†Neither do I think it necessary to lurch. ¬†That’s laughable, for sure. ¬†I would think there should be room though, for such a move of God that uncontrollable sobbing and a spirit of repentance can take place. ¬†

    While I would be careful not to mock what could be a genuine experience with God, I would at the same time seek balance which doesn’t allow for an overly showy display that brings undue attention to the leader. ¬†The whole purpose of leadership is to point to Christ. ¬†It’s not about the leader, the band, the artist.

    We should definitely have an accountability to seeking God with all of our faculties –¬†spirit,¬†mind, body, and emotions. ¬†I would venture to say that a real man softened to the workings of God in his life may openly experience his emotions in a public setting, but that does not mean he is ruled by them.

    As for the headset and mic, there’s a few issues there… ¬†really? ¬†I’ve seen some bad set ups, but I’ve never seen anyone try to pull that off. ¬†And the crew that set up a microphone without cables? ¬†That’s not a wireless… ¬†The sound man must have been sick because none of this would have passed a sound check. ¬†LOL ¬†

    For a musician (leader or otherwise), it’s impossible to flow musically and “feel it” without practice. ¬†To lurch one moment and look behind you at the lyrics the next does not even make sense, it’s just a bad act at that point. ¬†Have you really seen this?? ¬†That’s just painful.

    Concerning what it is to look “normal”, that’s a sticky topic. ¬†Who are we impressing? ¬†Man, or God? ¬†Impressing man could go either way, couldn’t it? ¬†Depending on the church you go to, it could range from business attire and standing with your hands in your pockets and singing off key into a poorly equalized sound system to a leader with casual street wear swaying to the grooves of a rhythm section with backbone. ¬†If music is devoid of feeling, why bother? ¬†It may as well be dead. ¬†If the music and presentation is awful while the leader is twitching and crying, well, that’s awful too.

    There’s a balance to be had. ¬†Is that what you’re getting at?

    • ¬†@AllStarGalacticus:disqus !!!! Yep! nailed it!