Thin Places and the Missional Church: Practices that shape intentional faith communities

Thin Places and the Missional Church: Practices that shape intentional faith communities June 18, 2012

When I attended / taught a seminar at Soularize this past October, I had the opportunity to hang out with several like-minded people that I’d only known on the web. One such person is a great guy named Jon Huckins. He writes prolifically, especially on issues surrounding the violence in the Holy Land (check out this article at Red Letter Christians). He is also on staff at NieuCommunities in San Diego, so he lives out missional / incarnational church values daily. I got to hang out for a day in his neighborhood at their intentional community, they really have something wonderful happening for the Kingdom!

I’m currently waiting to receive my copy of his new co-authored book (written with Rob Yackley who is also on staff at Nieu and a great guy): Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community. This book will cover in greater detail what I learned about in a seminar with them on missional church. Their approach, as I understand from my time with them, focuses on practices and shared commitments… not dogma. I love this approach and think the book will be a great resource for those who dream of a kingdom-shaped church.

I invite you to check out this video to get a taste of what the book will be about:


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  • Rob

    Thanks for the kind words Kurt. We’re with ya…we hope our story will help move the movement out of the Christian conference industrial complex and into street-level transforming action!

  •  Thank you, Kurt, for sharing Jon Hutchins article. As a trained historian myself, I’m looking forward to reading Jon’s next two articles on this complex and emotionally-charged and interesting topic.

    Based on my reading of history re the issues Jon covers in Part I of his
    series, he has so far ignored several documented, historical facts in,
    what I feel, is his somewhat biased opening salvo against Israel. I also find one of his theological statements “off the mark” Biblically as well …despite his quote from a Professor of the Bible with whose stated position I can’t agree.

    Anyone who wishes to check out my views can read my public e-Sticky Notes by
    clicking the little numbers at my annotations of Jon’s post in the
    Diigo version at .

    Feel free to leave a response
    to my comments if you wish below them, folks, remembering it’s all

    Blessings all,
    Gary in Toronto