Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love February 17, 2016

Theme for the Week of February 15: Through the Prism of God’s Love

We see a world in which unity with God
and connection with each other is emphasized.

Is the love you have for your friends or beloved unconditional? I’d venture a guess that you’d say it is. And, from at least my six plus decades of experience, you’d be wrong.

People aren’t taught to love unconditionally, myself included. Oh sure, we talk about unconditional love. We hear ministers preach about unconditional love. But do we, as a rule, practice it in our daily lives?

Ask yourself what ovations of love you received from a special someone yesterday for Valentine’s Day or your last birthday. Did the outward demonstration you experienced meet with your expectations?

Well, first off, dear one, if we have expectations about how other people must act toward us then we’re already out of unconditional love! If romantic or platonic relationships are expected to unfold in certain ways then we are already placing conditions on those relationships.

So while we may consider the concept of unconditional love in theory, what we see practiced is a type of love which is granted based on how far others live up to our expectations. This is the complete opposite of the unconditional love we know as an attribute of universal consciousness. The law of cause and effect is a prime example of unconditional love.unconditional-love1

The universe is set to respond in kind with our thoughts, words and deeds. The unfortunate part of that equation is that our thoughts are all-too-often unconscious instead of conscious; our words are spoken without complete understanding of the power they wield; and, our deeds can be too easily influenced by societal norms and familial expectations.

I hope you’ll join me for a week of discussion on the many facets or prisms of God’s unconditional love, which happens over on the Facebook page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation. In the meantime, I invite you to stop yourself over the next few days anytime you find you are judging yourself or others, for unconditional love and judgment cannot exist in concert with one another. Can you give yourself the gift of unconditionally love?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,




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