I Didn’t Mean It!

I Didn’t Mean It! June 15, 2016

Ever say something and before it’s even out of your mouth you knew you’d regret it? You might have said right then or perhaps later, “I didn’t mean that!”


You sorta kinda probably did.

Our comments might not indicate the type of person we want to be remembered as being for generations to come, but we often mean EXACTLY what we say. True, we may regret having let the cat out of the bag, but there it is, lying exposed on the floor in front of us for all to see, all green and stinky, oozing its way across the floor like the Blob in the 1958 movie by the same name.

Today with social media, our embarrassment can quickly leave the room and go globally viral. Our theme for this week is, As Within, So Without. It’s based on a quote by Ernest Holmes that says, We believe that we are surrounded by Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it.

Fortunately, Creative Mind does not act immediately upon our thoughts or we’d have more to clean up than a few ill-thought-out feelings expressed as vitriolic tirades. It does, however, give us pause when we think of those nasty little thoughts lurking about the darker corners of our mind.

The question is whether or not we will be willing to acknowledge the smelly elephant in the living room of our mind or pretend it doesn’t exist. Funny thing about smelly elephants and nasty little thoughts:  They grow just about as quickly as the Blob, devouring victim after victim and gaining strength in the process. But in this case, the victims they are munching on are our desires, hope, goals and dreams. If we are not experiencing the life we want we can be sure that something in our consciousness needs an attitude adjustment.

Over the weekend we experienced another group tragedy in the United States, this one specifically targeting the LGBTQ community, with deaths topping any of the other mass shootings. Once you pull the trigger on a gun of any kind there is no going back. The result of such a commitment is, once again, painfully in front of us for all to see.13A

As with all such events, our justified outrage and pain often expresses back as a strike against a community or group that we feel – justified or not – is at least partially responsible. So many people want someone to blame for this, someone other than the shooter because he’s gone and cannot feel our anger.

But, blaming all Muslims during Ramadan for this mass murder is about as logical as blaming all Christians during the Christmas of 1945 for the Holocaust simply because Hitler was born Catholic.

Flag-waving, cross-carrying fanatics do well to ask if they would like to be associated with the bloodshed, pillaging and slavery approved of between the pages of their sacred Bible in the same way they are accusing faithful followers of the Prophet Mohammed for atrocities committed in the name of Allah.

Join me this week over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation to see how we can acknowledge and clear our thoughts about the tragedy in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, as well as addressing challenges we face personally day-to-day.

Then, with a firm foundation in Truth, we’ll turn our attention to using the power of our own thoughts to direct Creative Mind to produce for us the results we want in our lives and a world that works for everyone. See you there.

With love,


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