2021: Playing The Hits

2021: Playing The Hits December 31, 2021

It is hard to believe that 2022 is on the horizon.  2021 is a year that was difficult in many ways, but it also brought with it many blessings.  Though the year is hard please remember that there is always something to be thankful for.  Keep that in mind as we head into 2022.  It has become a custom among bloggers to recap 2021 with the top articles that were posted.  This article is no exception.  So without further ado here are the top five articles of 2021.  Click on the heading for each article to check out each one.

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1.  The Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Christianity

This article was published in October 2021 and consists of an interview with Dr. John Bergsma.  Dr. Bergsma and I discussed the dead sea scrolls and their influence on Early Christianity. What did the Qumran community the Messiah? Who was the Teacher of Righteousness? What was the significance of ritual bathing? What was so important about the way they prepared for meals and the position of the presider? He answers all this and much more.

2. Arianism: Three Modern Day Examples Of An Ancient Heresy

Arianism, though thoroughly condemned, has had many emanations throughout history.  The theology may not be the same, but the foundational ideology is that Christ did not always exist.  In this article (again please click on the heading to read it) three modern day sources of Arianism will be discussed along with the church’s Apostolic response.

3. 5 Catholic YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

YouTube is something we have all heard of and viewed on occasion. Some, like me, even have our own channels where we do all kinds of things.  As someone who rarely is able to sleep through the night, I tend to turn on YouTube and let the videos roll.

In addition to videos about professional wrestling (I’m a huge fan), I also binge videos about Catholic theology, evangelism, and apologetics.  There are no shortage of channels out there, but here are five you should check out.  That is, if you haven’t already.  After each channel mentioned will be a video for you to preview.  The channels listed are done so in no particular order.

Click on the link to see the list along with a video of each.

4.  Can A Faithful Catholic Be a Socialist?

In this article I included two separate interviews that had varying position.  I interviewed Dr. Sam Rocha who said that a Catholic can be a socialist.  I also interviewed Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn who said you cannot.  I think you will enjoy both interviews if you have not seen them already.

5. Corinthians, Women, and the Issue of Headcoverings

There are many issues presented in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, and much gets taken out of context in today’s society.  A modern reader may read about Paul discussing women wearing head coverings and being submissive to husbands and conclude that he was a misogynist that was all about letting women know their place.  However, nothing could be further from the truth, and all things must be seen in context.

Have a Happy and Blessed 2021

These are the top five articles on my Patheos column for 2021.  Please remember to click on the headings to be directed to the article being described.  I thank you for reading this column and I am deeply indebted to you.  God bless you and your family.

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