How To Teach Your Child To Love God

How To Teach Your Child To Love God September 4, 2023

The Bible Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash
The Bible Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

Oasis of Hope

It is a delight serving you in your parenting and life journeys. My continued hope and prayer is that, no matter who you are, this space will be an oasis of hope and encouragement to you. Thank you for your feedback on the last post. Always a joy serving you and hearing many parents related to the dilemma that brought about the previous post. Parenting is hard work and so proud that despite the culture, passionate parents for Christ are doing everything possible to train their children to love God. Please, be kind to yourself in your parenting journey. Give it your best and trust God to take all you are doing and use them for His glory in your life and that of your child (ren).

Fertile Ground To Love God

As stated in the previous post, this new post will explore different ways that parents can teach their children to love God and how to make their lives a fertile ground to love God and live for Him in their adulthood. Something to think about: parents, the best way to teach your child (ren) about any spiritual truth, is to live it out daily. This means to teach your child about prayer, your child must see you pray at home and not just at church. Here are some ways to teach your child (ren) to love God:

Pray: Teach your child how to pray daily, and not just when they need something. God is not a magician! God wants a relationship with His creatures. Prayer is one of the avenues we have and maintain a relationship with God. The Bible is filled with prayer. Use the Bible as a guide and find other resources to help you teach your child at home how to pray. This is one of the ways of training your child to love God, His ways, and His Heart.

Read The Bible: Teach your child how to fall in love with God by reading the Bible. There are so many Bible reading plans that will ensure your child has a daily consistent Bible reading. An adult that is filled with the Word of God is a powerful adult that is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. Teaching your child how to read his/her Bible will ensure God’s guidance in the issues of life.

Worship: Teach your child the value of worshiping the Creator of the Universe. Teach him/her to worship in songs, hymns, meditation, words, and lifestyle. Worship is giving God His worth in each of these areas: songs, hymns, medication, words, and lifestyle. Whatever humans choose to worship controls and orientates their lives. A worship lifestyle is powerful!

Love: Teach your child to love God and people. The best guide in doing this is found in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Teach your child all the outcomes of a life fueled by love: kindness, patience, serenity, encouragement, selflessness, joyful, steadfast, politeness, and hope. In 1 John 4:7-8, we see that love is a Person. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” In an age that hate is rampant, teach your child the power of love.

Humanity of God: Teach your child about God’s humanity. This is essential for your child(ren) to understand the grace and mercy of God. Teaching your child the humanity of God, allows him/her to understand that part of Proverbs 22:6 that comes to examine every child growing up. God became man, to show His humanity. Believers that understand God’s humanity, understand humility. Teaching your child this will allow them to embrace their own humanity and see the many opportunities humanity presents for growth.

Perfect God Loves His Creatures Perfectly

Remember, as a parent, you are not teaching your child to love God, because you are perfect. We know by now, that there is no perfect humans; only a perfect God, who loves each of His creatures perfectly. You are teaching your child to love God, so that they can experience living the life God destined for him/her when He created each child in the first place. God created humans with a need for God. Material things or pursuit cannot fill the void. Only God can fill that void in humans. This is why you teach your child (ren) to love God!

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