13 Lazy Ways to Celebrate Samhain

13 Lazy Ways to Celebrate Samhain October 16, 2018

Sometimes we Witches and Pagans just don’t have enough energy for a full on Samhain spectacular. Plus, with the cursing of Trump, the riding around on brooms, and the organizing of the Full Moon potluck every month, it’s hard to take the time for a full Sabbat celebration. If you are finding yourself a bit lazy this year, here are 13 lazy ways to celebrate Samhain. So you know, you can still call yourself a Witch, even if you’re phoning it in.

  1. Pet a Black Cat – Show your Witchy kin how to get into the holiday spirit by petting a black cat. Don’t have a black cat? No problem! Go adopt one! Black cats are the last to get adopted, so honor Samhain this year by giving yourself a lifetime commitment with a furry new companion. (Seriously, only adopt a cat if you are going to be dedicated to taking care of it for the rest of its life.)
  2. Watch a Movie – Not just any movie, of course, but a Witchy movie! Need some ideas? Movies, like; The Craft, The Witches of Eastwick, Practical Magic, and Hocus Pocus are all fine choices. (Spoiler alert: This is how I will be celebrating this year!)
  3. Dress Up as a Witch – One way to honor the Witch’s New Year is to dress the part! Lucky for you, as a Witch, you already are the part. Which means you can wear whatever you want. Bam! Samhain! (Spoiler alert: I am also doing this. Bonus points for me! Suck it!)
  4. Sweep your Kitchen Floor – Everyone knows the broom is the most Samhain-y of all the Witch’s tools. By sweeping your kitchen you honor the ancestors, celebrate Samhain, and clean your house! Bonus!
  5. Cackle Randomly – Cackling is the call of Samhain. Our ancient Wiccan ancestors would cackle at rituals in order to invoke the Goddess. Feel free to invoke the Goddess with cackling every where you go.
  6. Have Dinner – Samhain dinners are super Witchy. So just have dinner. Voila! Samhain!
  7. Drink – Don’t just drink anything. Only drink the alcohol of your ancestors. (For me that’s wine or Whiskey. Lucky me.)
  8. Go to a Halloween Store – When you go to a Halloween store use the password “Wicca” at the counter and you’ll be given exclusive access to the real Halloween store in the back, only real Witches allowed. (Spoiler alert: It. Is. Amazing.)
  9. Eat Candy – On Samhain night it is traditional to eat candy.
  10. Pull a Tarot Card – Just one. Bam! Samhain!
  11. Post on Social Media – Take a picture of yourself in a Witch hat and then you’re done. As long as you post your Witchyness on social media you don’t have to worry about actually doing any spells, rituals, or devotionals. Score!
  12. Make a Samhain Pinterest Board – Start collecting Witchy imagery from Pinterest. Don’t have Pinterest? Why are you reading this blog then? You’re not a real witch!
  13. Lay on the Couch – The best, most effective, and traditional way to celebrate Samhain is to just laze about. Don’t have a couch? Use your bed? Don’t have a bed? The floor works great. But whatever you do, don’t get up until you’ve finished binge watching that show you’re super into.

Happy Samhain Witches!

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