I Saw My Dead Friend Today

I Saw My Dead Friend Today October 15, 2019

I saw my dead friend today. There she was, mass of unruly curls with her back to me at the jewelry counter. She was bobbing her head to the music playing and I thought to myself, oh yay, my friend is here. But then I remembered that she passed beyond the veil last year; that couldn’t be her.

I watched her walk through the store; this impostor with my friends hair, shape, and attitude. My eyes kept track of her because I secretly wished that she would turn into my friend. Spoiler alert: she didn’t.

My grandfather drove past me yesterday when I was walking down the street. He looked young, like the photos I have of him from the 1970s. Young and slick and trouble. I knew it wasn’t him, but I smiled and waved to him anyway. I wonder what that man thought about it?

We are in Samhain-tide. The time of the year when the veils are thin and it is easier to speak to the Otherside; the Other realms. I notice I see the dead a lot this time of the year. It’s really not that much more than the rest of the year, but I am more open to it. I am more aware.

Because of the magick of the Samhain season, I can’t help but wonder if that really was my friend and my grandfather. Maybe that was their way of saying what’s up from where ever they are now? “Seeing” them is a synchronicity, a symbol, a sign; it’s all the things I tell my students to look for when they start communicating with the Otherworlds.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. For me, it was a sign from my Beloved Dead. It was a hello and a check in. It was a reminder of the love the remains after life ends. It is a celebration of Samhain.


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