A Quick Magickal Shower

A Quick Magickal Shower February 14, 2021

You know what? I love a long ritual bath. Candles, flowers, glass of wine, soft music. Yep. All that sounds wonderful. Also a big fan of swimming in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Absolutely ADOOOORE soaking in a hot tub for well beyond the recommended twenty minutes. Magick, water, ritual – Count me in. But sometimes I need a quick magickal fix and that’s when a magickal shower comes into play.

I can be in and out of the shower in 10 minutes. While I love all day rituals, complex magick, and spells that take a long time to set up, there’s something oddly satisfying about a quickie, er…quick spell, I mean.

A Quick Magickal Shower

Some magick is perfectly suited for water. Cleansing magick, for instance, is an obvious choice. Now I’m not talking about personal hygiene here, although not a bad byproduct of a shower, but in this case I’m talking about magickal hygiene.

Have you ever had a shitty day at work or a fight with a housemate or just that icky feeling you’ve walked through another person’s toxic crap and it’s clinging to you? A magickal shower is the perfect way to scrub that nonsense off your body and out of your energetic field. There’s an old song from the Broadway musical South Pacific called “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair“. It captures the point of the magick perfectly. In fact, the title of the song is a pretty good model for a magickal shower.

Magickal Shower

Here’s How You Do It

You know with any spellwork your mileage may vary, but here’s how I take a quick cleansing shower. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A shower
  • Soap, body wash, or shampoo
  • Uh…That’s pretty much it

I think you’re getting the picture that this is really simple. Here are the instructions:

  • Turn on the water
  • Get in the shower
  • Wash yourself with the soap

With great purpose, scrub the residue of that worthless two-hour Zoom meeting with an annoying co-worker who still hasn’t figured out where the mute/unmute button is, right down the drain hole.

With tremendous intention, slough off those toxic comments from an ex who randomly texted you and ruined your whole afternoon.

Say out loud “I wash off all the stuff that isn’t mine, isn’t serving me, and doesn’t need to be stuck on my body. I release it.

Magickal Shower


More Stuff you Can Add In To Your Magickal Showers

Of course, you might want to be more extravagant in your magickal shower making. Perhaps you’ll use a salt scrub and exfoliate anything really stuck on you. Maybe this becomes a weekly practice and you create a special chant you recite as you rerelease a week’s worth of stresses.

If I’m feeling low, I’ll sometimes take a quick shower to perk myself up. I have different soaps containing a variety of oils, essences, and herbs connected to healing, love, and compassion. When it’s drab and rainy outside, I have soaps which remind me of summer or being in the woods. The scents help to shift my mood.

You don’t just have to do “cleaning off the crap” magick. I know I’ve used sugar scrubs to make my skin smell sweet and feel soft to the touch before I…We’ll, you get the point I’m sure.

So give it a spin. Take a shower. Do some magick. Dry off. Walk about the place with a smile on your face because you just did magick and no one else is any the wiser.






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