Moving Sacred Space from the Old Temple to the New Temple

Moving Sacred Space from the Old Temple to the New Temple January 10, 2021

Phoenix and I spent years creating a home filled with sacred space. Our home is a temple to all sorts of magick. But what happens if you move and you want to take the magick with you? If you have a ritual room, temple space, or other magickal space in your home and you have to relocate it, you can quite literally collect the magick you’ve created and take it with you to your new location, especially if you plan on building another temple or sacred space in the new spot.

Phoenix and I ran into just this situation when we left our old home moved into our new home. Here’s the ritual we did.

A goddess in our temple

Moving The Temple: The Set Up

Here’s the stuff we used in this ritual.

Supplies: A large quartz crystal, black fabric large enough to wrap around the crystal, a small box large enough to hold the crystal, and your wand.

Set Up: Perform this ritual immediately after you have finished packing up the physical objects in the room, including taking down any artwork from the walls. Place the black fabric down, open in the center of the room with the crystal in the center of it. Hold your wand in your hand.

Moving The Temple: The Ritual

This ritual can be used to gather up the magick from one location and release it in another.

Ritual: Starting in the north, use your wand to gather up all the energy in the room. Hold your wand in your dominant hand and make a stirring motion, gathering up the energy, and direct it into the crystal. Move in a widdershins direction, stirring up the energy and directing it into the crystal while you say:

I’m gathering up the power of this space

I’m gathering up the flow

May all the magick that’s been created here 

Get ready to be on the go

Repeat this process three times. Check in and see if there is any residual energy stuck in the room. If so, use your wand to gather it up, shifting it from the room, to the wand, to the crystal.

When you feel complete, carefully wrap the crystal in the black fabric and place it in the box. This box needs to be delicately moved to your new location—don’t leave the box unattended at any point.

At the new location, when your new temple space is completely set up, place the box in the center of the room. Remove the fabric from the box and set it in the center of the room. Unfold the fabric.

Use your wand to then shift the energy from the crystal to the room. Visualize pulling the energy of your temple space out of the crystal like a pop-up tent. As you do, say this:

I’m releasing the power of this space

I’m releasing the flow

May this place absorb this magick of mine

As of now, let it be so

Working in The New Temple

We set about working in our new temple space pretty much right away. We both had rituals in mind, ones we practiced together and individually. Getting about the business of making magick in this space almost directly after performing this ritual gave a sense of continuity to our workings.

There’s something quite lovely about working “old” magick, familiar magick, in a new location. It’s the same and different. Familiar touched with a bit of the unknown.

Life Ritualized

This ritual and about 60 others are included in our book which is available for order now.





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