Finding Magickal Tools

Finding Magickal Tools June 18, 2019

What kind of magickal tools you use and where to find them has been a topic of hot conversation for as long as I can remember. Certain traditions have very strict rules about magickal tools. Outside of any traditions that you are a part of, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding magickal tools. Here are the stories of a few of my faves.

The Knife

My first athame was a butter knife with a faux wooden handle that was stolen out of the kitchen when I was fifteen. It was the only knife I had access to that wouldn’t be noticed if it was missing. According to all of the books in the 1990s, your athame had to have a wooden handle. I didn’t know where to find such things. The internet was still a baby, so no online shopping for me. I was under age, so it wasn’t like I could walk into a knife shop and purchase anything. I made do with what I had – just like witches have been doing for millennia.

The Broom

Last year while working at a craft faire, I met a talented broom maker. Her brooms were freaking gorgeous and there was one that I just fell in love with. I was so excited to buy it. It was made for practical use – to sweep the high corners of a room – but it felt so perfectly magickal. I use this broom for spiritual cleansing and a little cobweb cleansing too. Every time I see it I am filled with joy. It is so perfectly me.

The Wand

My first wand was a random stick that I found at a park. It was just simple and plain, but it fit the length of my arm from the tip of my finger to my elbow. I just needed something and it fit the bill. I still have it although I don’t use it anymore. Many years later I found a beautiful wand made from the wood of an old staircase. It came with a little holster, which is so fun. It’s too short – according to Wiccan measurements – but I love it just the same.

Magickal Tools

Of course, we Witches and Pagans carry with us our most powerful tool at all times – our bodies. But athames, wands, chalices, pentacles, brooms, cauldrons, and so on, can really aid in your process. That butter knife athame helped me to feel more magickal. It helped me to connect into the mysteries when it was all so new. My broom helps me to remember how important cleansing is and it shows me that there is magick everywhere. It is a practical tool with a magickal purpose.

Your magickal tools can be found, created, purchased, or gifted. What they look like and whether or not they fit a specific look really depends on your tradition and the rules therein. But those of us that are heretical Witches – doing whatever we want – we collect magickal tools that we find spiritually appealing. Find tools that make you feel more magickal and in alignment with how powerful you truly are.

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