Fun a Day: “Wood Eye” and “sometime well after midnight”

Fun a Day: “Wood Eye” and “sometime well after midnight” January 5, 2016

Continuing my “Fun a Day” for 2016, we have another bit of digital art, and a poem.

January 2: “Wood Eye”

"Wood Eye"

January 3:

sometime well after midnight
but well before the sun comes up
I’m not quite sure of the numbers but
there’s a magic moment

where if you’re still up it means
something either very good
or something very bad

everyone’s in the arms of sleep except
for late-shift workers
and a few other adventurers
and whatever your reason for being there
your tiredness makes the world glitter around the edges

maybe you’re being arrested
maybe there’s a celebration of caresses and kisses
maybe you’re dancing, dancing, dancing
maybe you’re dealing with life-and-death crisis
but whatever it is
you’re out on the frontier
pushing out the edges of you a little bit

becoming bigger
in this magic moment

and it’s not always easy
to grow like that
in the early morning dark

maybe no one will even know

there’s no fireworks to signal
but you will know
when you finally sleep
and when you wake

you’ll look around and
the world will seem a little smaller
like going back to your old elementary school
it was so big! back then
but here you are
grown to match it

and I have no better wish for you
my friend
than that you come to see
the world smaller in this way

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