“You Will Not Be Left Alone” (52 Make-Up, Week 2)

“You Will Not Be Left Alone” (52 Make-Up, Week 2) January 20, 2020

Continuing with our 52 Make-Up challenge of doing some small creative project each week, another poem. This was inspired by a sign I saw while I was in New York City last weekend.

“You Will Not Be Left Alone”

When I descended to the underworld
Below the Sleepless City, famed of song,
I found there a promise from The Powers:
You Will Not Be Left Alone

All right, so it was a sign in the New York City Subway
Advice on what to do if feeling ill
Motivated, in probability,
To keep vomiting people off of trains.
Divine voices work mysteriously

Someone at the MTA
Saw and named well a  fear most deep-rooted
To be in need of help, and left alone

The great metropolis can be unkind
Sometimes we shove our way thru crowded streets
And yet, surprising solidarity
May manifest, an unexpected love

A promise: You will not be left alone
We will stand beside you in your need
Our Bodhisattva nature shines thru in
A mundane municipal announcement

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