November 25, 2013

What "taboo" (which means off-limits but also means sacred) question or issue would you want to see addressed (whether you are a man or a woman) when it comes to talking about faith? Read more

November 21, 2013

What is one word that sums up your needs and hopes right now? Read more

November 19, 2013

What do writers for the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Time Magazine have in common? Thinking the r-word is a funny joke. Read more

November 18, 2013

"From the woman who procured an illegal and unsafe abortion in the late 1960s to the more recent women who passed through protesters to assert their legal right to choose, these stories—the cover article of New York Magazine—provide a portrait of abortion in America." Read more

November 15, 2013

Today I’m excited to be attending the Q Women Conference in NYC, with speakers such as Kate Harris, Katelyn Beaty, Rachel Held Evans, Lauren Winner, Kathy Keller, and Rebekah Lyons (plus a cameo by my husband but that’s another story). Next week, I’ll share an interview with the editors of Talking Taboo, and the week after that I’m excited to share with you an interview about forced abortion in China with Bob Fu, author of God’s Double Agent. Meanwhile, Alice... Read more

November 13, 2013

"Shove copious amounts of Halloween candy under the door to alleviate the tears." Read more

November 13, 2013

An excerpt from my essay in Talking Taboo: American Women Get Frank About Faith Read more

November 12, 2013

And a little voice asked me, What would it take for you to be grateful that Marilee didn't take a nap today? Read more

November 11, 2013

"When we adopt a child, whether she was born in a land far away (as my daughter was) or in the next county, we are claiming responsibility for those who are smaller, more vulnerable, and who do not live within the loving care of a family." Read more

November 8, 2013

Articles on messy stories and disability, marriage, money, and civil discourse. Plus news about books new and old. Read more

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