Homeless for the Holidays…

Homeless for the Holidays… November 26, 2023

While throngs of folks feverishly find Thanksgiving leftovers to reheat, or in which to retreat, there are those individuals roaming the streets simply seeking a space of solace… in doors. Unhoused families hinged to their car pray to access a public restroom without soaking their outfits. Moreover, colder temps spark a scramble for refuge rather than food.

Homelessness during the holidays.

Intimate details specifying how the displaced arrive at their present plight is not up for debate. Resilient people who’ve lost their village are in this crowd. Children devoid choice are here. Professionals, who once dared to dream, have had the wind beneath their wings usurped. Preachers, whose destinies have been devoured by satanic extremists, linger here. While some, simply, bare the burden of their lineage’s infernal behavior. Yet, all have plummeted  equally to their current descent.

The holiday season is heightening.

Unkept patrons purchasing a low ticket item at an eatery, in exchange for an element-free environment, find themselves ostracized to accommodate potential customers who never materialize. Insensitive security guards wielding, wooden, batons scold overly bearded men toting their live’s worth in a set-of-several threadbare bags. As the holidays rapidly approach, transients dwelling in cars, posing as linchpins, stretch their legs from their embryo state, then window-shop to stay warm.

Will you be unhoused from your heavenly home?

Christ came to Earth for everyone! That includes the dispossessed, bedraggled, and those repelled given their malodor and/or disheveled nature. God commanded us to love, because He certainly loves us all regardless our physical appearance or spiritual stench. This Christmas, will you extend Christ’s love to someone struggling with the vicissitudes of life? It doesn’t take much. A warm, clean, coat? Gloves, a short prayer/conversation, or information leading to substantial housing/work. Using divine discernment, God will direct you as to whom to give and what type of blessing to proffer.

If you’d like to learn more concerning the author’s personal bout with homelessness, be on the lookout for her book, Unhoused & Holy on Amazon.




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