Return to Sender… It’s Not Simply an Elvis Classic!

Return to Sender… It’s Not Simply an Elvis Classic! November 24, 2023

After sealing the final leftover container from Thanksgiving, securing it to the freezer due to real estate scarcity, many embark on Christmas curations. Some assemble synthetic tree limbs in yadah to God. Others adorn perimeters of their humble homes with garland, lights and Christmas ornaments. However the crux of the Christmas season is in one’s giving.  There are those who, year-in-and-out, spend countless hours neatly wrapping presents… only to have their gifts rejected and returned to the retailer from which they were garnered.

Did you know when we complain, that we can actually reject gifts God has for us in the form of blessings? We literally “return to sender” all He has for us. Therefore, we may suffer and cause delay in receipt of God’s benevolence. While each person’s walk with Christ is case-sensitive, there are times when we may possibly provide our own delays through murmuring. Much like a package with an “unknown address,” our blessings cannot locate us when our human frequencies abandon our faith. When our posture shifts to unbelief, we potentially forfeit our legal right to the blessings of God.

Although all things work together for our good, why not obtain God’s blessings during His initial offer? Instead of wandering a wilderness for over forty years, unnecessarily, let us become a bit more pliable in our belief systems and look to the hills from which cometh our help? As we usher in this Christmas season, let us remain hopeful, grateful, and filled with faith. May we embrace the love of God and all He has in store for our newly-formed, abundant, life.



About Dr. Nicole Elaine Avery
Dr. Nicole Elaine Avery is a writer, author, consultant and educator. A graduate of Columbia University, her academic and aesthetic works are informed by fashion, fine arts, dance, women's studies, equity, civic duty and spirituality, therefore, engendering cross-literary publications. She is quick wit who enjoys learning new concepts. You can read more about the author here.

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