Does God Listen to Our Prayers?

Does God Listen to Our Prayers? May 28, 2008

Just a little while ago, I was sitting at my desk in the church office in earnest prayer for a member of the congregation who had announced on Sunday that she was losing her job and needed to find another. She’s a single mother, doing a spectacular job with her children, a creative, hard-working, generous, intelligent woman and I had promised her that I would make this need my special care in prayer.

A few minutes later, I was checking email and saw one from someone who had been at the worship service on Sunday. She’s not a regular attender at this point in her life, so it was one of those unusual joys to see her that day. She wanted me to pass on to the woman who was losing her job information about employment that might be suitable that had just come open at her place of work.

I immediately forward this and also phoned the woman looking for the job. We both had the same response–wow! Now, we don’t know if this job will work out or not, but what a reminder that God really is listening and very aware of the circumstances of our lives. This was a moment of what some call “synchronicity”–almost like a wrinkle in time, when two things not normally joined together suddenly touch each other. It also reminded me that God is not limited by time or space, as I am.

One would think, as a pastor and one who intentionally seeks to live with spiritual eyes, that I would not find this so unusual. But I am as limited as anyone else. I am also as subject to disappointment and doubt as anyone else–perhaps even more so than others. What a needed lift and reminder this was of the loving presence of God. Thank You.

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