Gleanings From Today’s Newspapers: From Sugar To Sumo With A Trump Stop On The Way

Gleanings From Today’s Newspapers: From Sugar To Sumo With A Trump Stop On The Way April 6, 2018

newspapers newspaperMy retired pleasure: reading a couple of real newsprint newspapers each morning. The best avenue around for stretching the brain and expanding one’s consciousness of a world outside of mine. It’s also part of my morning discipline of praying around the world. And sometimes it’s just fun.

Forget about the possibility of healthier cold cereals. Customers didn’t like ’em, so manufacturers have re-added tons of sugar along with previously discarded artificial colorings.

“Taste is king,” said Dana McNabb, General Mills’ president of cereal. Ms. McNabb, who oversaw the company’s latest creations—Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch shredded wheat—said those new products are selling better than the company’s healthier twists on their so-called fun brands.

Also the editorial staff members of the Wall Street Journal really, really don’t like President Trump.

President Trump can’t seem to decide if his border-control plan is a success or an imminent national crisis.

Not long ago he was touting fewer apprehensions at the Southwest border. Then he jumped on the story, from BuzzFeed and Fox News, that an immigrant “caravan” was heading from Central America through Mexico for the Rio Grande. He treated this like a Russian invasion, first saying he’d send “the military” to the border and then signing an order to deploy the National Guard.

And, then there is this.

For all of his supposed disdain for the media, Mr. Trump sure cares what they think. This includes taking seriously the bad press a cabinet official receives, whether or not it’s deserved. He seems to believe the worst that’s written about his subordinates when he’d dismiss such a story if it were about him.

The large turnover in Mr. Trump’s cabinet and White House has been unusual, and the way many have been treated (Tom Price at Health and Human Services, H.R. McMaster as national security adviser) makes anyone with talent reluctant to serve. If Mr. Trump throws Mr. Pruitt over the side, good luck finding someone as brave to replace him.

Just in case you were thinking about moving to NYC, I hate to inform you that the very nice apartment in the world’s tallest residential tower has already sold for a mere 60 million and change.

A bit about the apartment you lost out on:

The sprawling apartment is a combination of two units on the upper floors of the building, according to listings website StreetEasy. Together, the units comprise about 8,200 square feet. They have views of Central Park and the city skyline. Residents also have access to amenities including a private restaurant, a 75-foot indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a screening room.

Recover the lost art of handwashing your garments plus many other home laundry tips. One snippet on the hand-wash section:

Once the sink has been drained for the final time, press down on the garment while still in the sink to extrude water; do not wring the fibers, which can cause stretching or breaks. Then, lay the garment on a clean, dry towel and roll it up as if you were making a terry cloth bûche de noel. The combination of pressing out water and rolling the item in a dry towel will leave the garment only damp, rather than dripping wet, leaving it ready to be hung or laid flat to air dry.

We all do know what a bûche de noel is, don’t we?

If you are a woman and happen to be in Japan and also happen to be at a venue that has a sumo wrestling ring, do not ever, and I mean EVER, enter that ring even to save a life.

“Believing that tradition is more important than human lives is like a cult that mistakes fundamentalism for tradition,” Yoshinori Kobayashi, a popular comic book artist, wrote on his blog.

In a country that consistently ranks low among developed countries on gender equality in health, education, the economy and politics, the episode was seen as a metaphor for how women are regarded in Japan.

Speaking of women, I recently received a letter from a young woman castigating me for having written somewhat disparagingly about the Acts 29 movement. She told me that I had caused her to cut off her mother from her life because her mother is not, in this young woman’s Acts 29 church influenced opinion, adequately Christian. That is precisely why I shall continue to write against it.

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