President Trump’s Religious Advisory Council Stands Firmly With Him

President Trump’s Religious Advisory Council Stands Firmly With Him August 16, 2017
Robert Jeffress, pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas. He is Trump's number one cheerleader.
Robert Jeffress, pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas. A member of the Religious Advisory Council set up to give Trump spiritual support, Jeffress is Trump’s number one cheerleader.

Correction: I included James McDonald as a member of this Advisory Council. I was wrong: he resigned in 2016. I apologize to him for including him in this list.

Business leaders know that Trump’s support for neo-nazis and white supremacists has no moral foundation. They’ve jumped ship.

Unfortunately, the members of his religious advisory council apparently have no problems with outright racism.

Here’s the list of those appointed to the Religious Advisory Council. These are the religious leaders who supported Trump’s election and signed on to be Trump’s advisors in spiritual matters:

· Michele Bachmann – Former Congresswoman

· A.R. Bernard – Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center

Note: A. R. Bernard resigned from the board as of August 18, 2017.

· Mark Burns – Pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center

· Tim Clinton – President, American Association of Christian Counselors

· Kenneth and Gloria Copeland – Founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

· James Dobson – Author, Psychologist, and Host, My Family Talk

· Jerry Falwell, Jr. – President, Liberty University

· Ronnie Floyd – Senior Pastor, Cross Church

· Jentezen Franklin – Senior Pastor, Free Chapel

· Jack Graham – Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

· Harry Jackson – Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church

· Robert Jeffress – Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas

· David Jeremiah – Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

· Richard Land – President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

· Johnnie Moore – Author, President of The KAIROS Company

· Robert Morris – Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

· Tom Mullins – Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship­

· Ralph Reed – Founder, Faith and Freedom Coalition

· James Robison – Founder, Life OUTREACH International

· Tony Suarez – Executive Vice President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

· Jay Strack – President, Student Leadership University

· Paula White – Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center

· Tom Winters – Attorney, Winters and King, Inc.

· Sealy Yates – Attorney, Yates, and Yates

Have a single one of them stepped up to say, “It is wrong, completely wrong, in any moral world, to equate neo-nazis and white supremacists with the actions of those who would prefer not to be killed by neo-nazis and white supremacists”?

As far as I know, other than Richard Land who has taken a lot of heat all spring and summer for criticizing Trump, every single other person on this list has remained a consistent supporter of Trump. Now they stay silent as their Supreme Leader declares many the neo-nazis and the white supremacists to be good people. [A complete transcript of his remarks can be found here.]

This group of religious leaders has decided that God has placed Trump as POTUS. I often wonder if they would have said that God placed Hillary Clinton as POTUS if she had won the Electoral College votes. But because God has put Trump there, they have no right to lift their hands against God’s anointed one (1 Sam 24:6).

The possibility that they might have been wrong about their assurances of God’s approval of Trump dare not enter their minds. Their entire belief systems could crumble. They’d lose their huge followings. They might have to get jobs instead of just taking money from the pockets of their faithful and gullible followers.

We have before us a frightening and tragic scenario. On the other hand, perhaps this whole moral and leadership tragedy will finally open people’s eyes to the nature of those who make these kinds of absolute pronouncements in the name of God.

Or, of course, I could be wrong. Maybe God did place Trump there. Maybe this is the time to recognize that we as a country are indeed morally bankrupt and corrupt beyond all hope of redemption.

If that is the case, then we need to move toward national repentance. One problem with that scenario: our Supreme Leader, i.e., Donald J Trump, has never had a single moment of repentance in his entire life. He won’t start now.

Photo credit: Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 2.0,

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  • summers-lad

    God warned the people of Israel against having a king, but when they insisted, Saul was enthroned and became God’s anointed king. It’s the only case I can think of in Scripture of God acting like a constitutional monarch, i.e. endorsing the political process but not making any decisions of his own. I can see no evidence of God having chosen Donald Trump, but if he is God’s anointed, surely it can only be in the same sense as Saul.
    Personally I’m glad to live in a country without a president.

    • margaret_LNM

      He may be a test.

    • Mark Mac Donald

      god didn’t choose Trump
      How do I know this?
      God isn’t real
      Simple logic, really

      • summers-lad

        I thought somebody would probably come up with that one.

      • jamesparson

        There you go again placing blame on humans.

        If humans are to blame, then they might have the power to fix it.

  • “Patriots” Bane

    I am an atheist. These people are why I once again affirm to choose not to acknowledge any doctrine that comes from the mouth of men. Christian or otherwise. I’ll stick with the wonder of nature and science. And my moral compass is working just fine, thank you very much. I do appreciate my devout friends, but only the ones that actually walk the walk, not just spout the talk.

    • Mark Mac Donald

      I love the argument. “Morals come from god”
      If morals ACTUALLY came from god, then Trump’s actions are very christian. The bible teaches clearly, when a group battles with you, wipe them out.

  • MorallyCorrect2

    This conduct by the religious leadership of America confirms once again that church attendance has no moral value.

    • margaret_LNM

      I think the people in that church had great moral value… and also great faith! I imagine they were praying pretty hard that night. I know I would have been… Church is what you make of it… The so-called “religious leadership of America” does not represent every pastor or minister of a church. There are many individual pastors and ministers who have greater courage and faith than the so-called “religious leaders.”

      • MorallyCorrect2

        Agreed, but the good people are too quiet at crucial times.

  • Daniel G. Johnson

    They’re digging in. This is for real.

    I feel like a goddamned fool. I have been a goddamned fool. I should have never screwed around with church, let alone become ordained clergy. I was a Jew. I’ll always be a Jew. I default now to Jew. It took the manifestation of a long existent reality of Nazism in the culture to come to the top, now, to shake me to my senses. I am allowed to go home. I do so with ultimate gratitude and humility. Never again.

    • margaret_LNM

      Good for you! I honor you and all Jewish believers… I could not believe what I heard during that torch march… It will fall back on each person there… whether they think so now or not. God bless…

    • Anita Goodman

      I’d read that book. Maybe you should write it.

    • Chuck Johnson

      Do not be concerned with Christianity.
      Christianity promotes peace, love and understanding, and it also promotes the opposite.

      Be concerned with the people that you and I share this planet with.

      • Daniel G. Johnson

        Yeah, I guess so. I started a MSW program last night at one university, and my daughter started her MSW at another university. We’ll give this a shot.

  • Tim
    • brandoncapuano

      Check the article again. He’s not on there. He resigned from his council in October 2016, prior to the election. See his comments on his FB page, as well as his denunciations of all of this garbage.

  • Bernadette Moriarty

    First problem on top of list Michele Bachman.

  • margaret_LNM

    Ken and Gloria Copeland are on it to prevent Trump from enacting taxes on ministries… From a former Christian extremist who admired the Copelands at one time … it was about the second jet Ken Copeland was raising money for that I went out on the porch and sat down beside my husband, and said, … does it seem right to you that we … the way we live at poverty level… should be giving money to the Copelands so they can buy a new $10 million (or $20 million?) jet. It’s not even their first jet… it’s old. Now they want a newer, bigger, better jet… Should we be giving to that? … We never sent them another check. It took a long time to find a new ministry that wasn’t over the top finance wise. But we finally did: Derek Prince Ministries. He was NOT on TV. He preferred radio messages… Just our style…. as long they each lived… both my husband and Derek Prince have passed.

    • My parents actually moved to Newark, Tx (i.e. The Meth Capitol of North-Central Texas) just to be within five minutes of Copeland’s Eagle Mountain Church. I figure they’ve given upwards of $50K to that charlatan over the last couple of decades. It is absolutely sickening. I mean, the “church” itself has a bookshop, a coffee bar, and a full-service cafe in the building. The Copelands have a $3M estate mansion on the shore of Eagle Mountain Lake, the guy owns his own airfield, a huge ranch, and has huge investments in real estate in the area. KCM absolutely should be taxed, because the entire “ministry” is nothing but a business designed to make the Copelands wealthy.

      • Linda Coleman Allen

        As a viewer of the Copelands in the 1990’s, I eventually came to the same conclusion. I lived in Dallas, so could make the trip to Ft. Worth to the convention. I enjoyed the ambience of the convention, but finally had to stop listening to their programs.


    Why would these people denounce white supremacists? As long as they hate gay people they are welcome.

    Southern strategy

  • Sheila Fiorella

    As a United Methodist Christian pastor (but speaking for myself), I am deeply grieved. Speechless. (but now I’ll go on to share. :))
    I find it interesting that there is only one woman on this council. I also question the ethnic make-up of this body. Are all the rest white men? Unbelievable. I don’t like to make generalizations, but some of these, including Rev. Jeffress, give us all who follow Jesus a bad name.
    The gospel is good news for all. I pray that God changes hearts in our nation.
    Rev. Sheila Fiorella

    • Mark Mac Donald

      I’m Canadian and admittedly not as educated on my American friends. Having said that, I believe change will come BECAUSE of Trump.
      Certainly not because he took the bull by the horns but because he is so BLATANTLY angering almost everyone in the country (and the world for that matter).
      The thing I would be most proud of as an American, is your ability not to take CRAP even from the POTUS.
      So, I see change coming as a revolt to Trump and his supporters.
      Man, at least I HOPE so!

    • “I also question the ethnic make-up of this body. Are all the rest white men? Unbelievable.”

      Why would it not be enough to give equal opportunity to any qualified candidate (male, female, black, white…) applying for a pastor position?

  • Edward Willis Bruce Davidson

    Any resemblance between these creatures and Christians or followers of any other genuine religion is pure accident. My church teaches that we are all made in the image of God. I am struggling to discern the godliness in the members of this so-called religious advisory council.

    • Mark Mac Donald

      so, you have no issues with homosexuality, then?

      • Edward Willis Bruce Davidson

        None whatsoever, Mark. Your question, or concern, or whatever it is, seems a bit off topic. Perhaps your reply really belongs with the next older comment. Homosexuality is part of the human condition, like being left-handed or having a crooked nose or having blood type AB+.

        • Mark Mac Donald

          lol, I’m so glad to read your response. It’s not really off-topic because had you answered “they are an abomination”, like most christians tend to answer, it would become a very legitimate question.
          Do you know how many christians I’ve met that also say, “I don’t have a problem with gays but the church does so I must support the church.”
          It’s these attitudes I find particularly frustrating. I would LOVE to believe christians truly believe all people were created equal but in practise they do not.
          So, once again, I’m quite glad to see you have a different attitude.

          • Sara Myers Gross

            Mark – “most Christians” would not respond that way. The loud hypocrites give the rest of us a bad reputation.

          • Mark Mac Donald

            Glad to hear that but my experience has been different. My daughter is gay and her own mother’s family condemn her for religious reasons. I can never accept that a god, worth his salt, would condemn an entire group of people that he supposedly created.

  • Kathy Myrman

    Why are there only “Christian” advisers on this board called “religious”? I don’t see a Rabbi or Imam.

    • Baron Darby

      And why does a secular country have a religious advisory council at all?

  • brandoncapuano

    Hi Christy. Pastor James MacDonald resigned pre-election in October. Please update your article.

  • brandoncapuano

    Also, Pastor James has condemned all of these things. Look through his FB page for his public statements. Please remove him from your article.

  • Sharpe Ken

    It’s amazing only two belong to an establish Baptist religious Organization, all the others have their own Piggy Bank Religious Organization, they could care less about Trump racist views, their blind flocks are 99% White and Trump Supporters, these religious Pimp Masters are about the money catered too by people who have been lead to believe they are the only chosen one because God speaks directly to their Pimp Master Leader. Go figure

    • Debra Wright

      Be careful now; every idle word you have spoken will be presented back to you right along with a recall of your life before God! What will your record reveal? Have you walked with Christ and been Born Again, walking in the newness of life? Are you living a life ordained by the will of God and according to his plan and his Word? Or, are you among the rank of those who say negative harsh things about people they don’t even know, but just jump on the wagon of negative comments etc.??? Do you know the people you are talking about???? Or are you just talking only to give account later of these same words you have spoken? God is listening and your record is being written! Be careful!

      • Baron Darby

        Oh please.

      • Sharpe Ken

        I see you have no problem with so call men of the cloth who refuse to speak up against racism, You should take your gospel message to all of those religious pimps who refuse to speak out on the racist comments made by Trump and still remain members of his so call evangelical panel. Go figure

      • Chuck Johnson

        Debra, you are a living Chick tract !

  • Terry L Huffines

    I don’t recognize the names of any respected clergy on that list, no pastors with theological education, no Biblical scholars… Trump typically ignores all his “advisors.” The majority of their time seems to be spent getting surprised by his tirades and vulgar language and behavior. Then they are expected to explain and excuse this president’s actions. This group of “religious advisors” doesn’t even have the intelligence or integrity to recognize evil when they see it and try to intervene. It is obvious they will not speak truth to power. They have refused to confront this president and others who seek to do great harm to our nation and are enemies of everything Jesus taught and exemplified. We are living in a scary time!

    • Debra Wright

      Terry you just pointed out a profound fact here; Trump does not listen to anyone; he does what he wants to do! Therefore, none of us can say that these clergymen are or have not been speaking to him. If he doesnot listen to his people in the White House, these people will not make any difference! Don’t judge these people, because you don’t know what they have said or done. If they advised him Scripturally, that’s not going to be in the news anyway. This nation (blanket statement now) has turned it’s behind to the face of God and now we are paying thru this seemingly “Mad Man”! And by the way, if you are a man of God, you can do the same thing you are expecting them to do; (1) Pray, (2) Fast, (3) Command the bands of wickedness to be loosed from the President, (4) Bow down in repentance for ourselves individually and for the nation, (4) Be Born Again of Water & Spirit (Acts 2:38) to escape the impending wrath that’s coming!

  • Rocky Smith

    These ministers are all false prophets. They are only about the dollar bill.

    • Kap Pogopolo

      Their members should leave them, or fire them.

      • Debra Wright

        Wrong answer; maybe they should or could or even have been confronted on this! Just have to wait and see; and in the mean time we need to be praying, repenting and getting our own lives in line with God’s Word/Way. We don’t have time to keep looking at others and analyzing their lives. When the books are opened in judgment by God, they will be opened on each and every one of us concerning our lives. There will be no mistakes or omissions about what we have lived, just a payment for it!

    • Debra Wright

      Be careful Rocky; I understand your frustration, but we don’t know everything about everyone. And TV and news is not always accurate. At any rate, we don’t want to be measured by the same ruler we have loosed by our tongues upon others only to be measured and judged by the same in the day of accountability, when the books are opened on our lives! God tells us not to do it; because it will be back to confront our lives also!

  • Seth M. Penning

    I think that for either result from the election, Trump or Clinton, it seems clear to me that America is under God’s judgment. The degree of punishment from God under Trump is certainly greater, but continued suffering for the American people was the only sure forecast that could be made.

    • Debra Wright

      Amen; this is judgement!

  • majmom99

    very well stated! God will not be mocked, He does not turn a blind eye to injustice and these lukewarm, so-called spiritual leaders will have to answer for their complicity.

  • Kap Pogopolo

    CEOs have separated themselves from Trump who expressed his support for Nazi’s and white supremacy, KKK. Why have you aligned yourselves with this man….what gas God to do with a man who supports evil…….You do not need Trump to form a council. Lift Jesus…..not Trump.

    • Debra Wright

      Kay, what people, fail to acknowledge is that God does ordain leadership for different reasons. I believe Trump is in place for the judgement of this nation. That would be an appointment of God for sure! When a nation leaves God or rebels against the laws of God, the judgement of God manifests. What you don’t hear being said is that this nation is under judgement by hardly if any Christian leaders or people hardly. So in answer to your question, if you read the Word of God, especially in Old Testament, you will see that God, on multiple situations used the enemy of the People of God to get them back on track and bring them to repentance. This, I believe is the reason we have Trump!……And another thing Kay, as long as the people/nations did not repent and turn back to God, the conditions got worse and worse as they are doing under this man’s leadership!……So in conclusion, the US needs to repent and turn from it’s wicked ways, because that spirit of wickedness is loosed and running amuck! As a nation, we are guilty; but the people of God that are on key with the Word of God know what’s going on and are in “Repentance/Fasting/Praying/Sharing the Gospel Mode”. He’s coming and just as the Word of God says, these things must be; but the end is not yet! It get’s worse from here!

      • John Mulqueen

        Is Trump an incarnation of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Philistines, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, or Hitler who punished Israel for its sins?

      • freespeechfan

        You are without a doubt one of the most delusional religious nuts I have ever seen. Utterly, unmistakably delusional. I hope you didn’t raise any innocent children to believe such hateful nonsense. There is not one single iota of love in your post. Think on that a bit. Your Jesus was supposedly about love. Right?

        • Chuck Johnson

          Different Christians use their Christian beliefs for different purposes.

          Debra is one of those Christians who uses her religion as a platform for her vanity.
          She casts herself as a soothsayer and someone “in the know”, and uses her biblical references the way a gypsy would use tarot cards.

          • RageHard84

            I think there’s truth to what she’s saying. The situation in this country has made me think that perhaps I need to get back on track spiritually.

          • Chuck Johnson

            The superstition and exaggeration that Debra uses is not well suited to promote the truth.

  • Kap Pogopolo

    What light are you showing to the world?

  • Having been bullied by antifas, the only thing I can say is: “The Neo-Nazis and white nationalists present in Charlotteville aren’t any better than terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq”.
    Does that turn me into a white supremacist? 🙂

    • newenglandsun

      Do you agree with their left-wing politics?
      No. You’re a white supremacist who needs to be punched in the face until you bleed.
      Yes. You’re not a white supremacist.
      Are you a non-white person?
      No. Go to question 1.
      Yes. Go to question 1.

  • Phyllis Connelly


  • brandoncapuano

    Thank you for the correction!

  • Chris Schene

    I don’t know what happened in Chancellorsville, but I do know how unreliable the news is.

    My daughter, son-in-law and three children (14,12,7) were at a pro-Trump march which was mostly families with kids. Antifa was harassing her family by getting up close to them, including the children, and taking their pictures.

    The pro-Trump march was called a “White Supremacist” march by many of the media stations: It was no such thing but they may have found one or two people in the crowd who were racist and the media dishonestly calls it a supremacist rally I have been on the experience side of many police reflated news reports: the media is wrong most of the time.

    On any controversial social issue, most the media is completely unreliable.

    Antifa is far more evil and a far greater threat than White supremacists.

    • That is insane. I can’t speak to what happened to your family, but white (or any race) supremacy is about as evil as it gets. Where was the Trump rally you wrote of and do you have links to the news reports? Antifa is protesting racism and fascism, so at least in that they are correct. Do you mean Charlottesville (which wasn’t the same as a Trump rally)? What level of violence would have been acceptable against the Nazi party before they became too big to stop? What is one supposed to do against a rally where hundreds (thousands?) of people are carrying torches (seriously?) and assault rifles (SERIOUSLY?) and chanting “Jews will not replace us”? I’m not advocating violence, but as far as ideology I’ll stand with Antifa any day.

      • Chris Schene

        ” Antifa is protesting racism and fascism”

        No they are not. They are opposed all kinds of speech that they don’t agree with and they are willing to use violence against any person advocating and verbalizing ideas and views they don’t agree with. They may have genuinely been opposing racism, but there is no such thing as fascism in the US and they cannot commit violence against people no matter what they say. Saying racist things or expressing racist opinions is 100% constitutionally protected in the US.

        I would say that Antifa, if it becomes more than fringe movement and became powerful , would be just as bad as the Nazis of the WWII era: they are far more dangerous as they are communists: Communism has killed over 100 million people and it is a desperately evil religion.

      • newenglandsun

        “Antifa is protesting racism and fascism, so at least in that they are correct.”
        Antifa has labeled any and everything that disagrees with their left-wing politics to be “racist” and “fascist”. Even a prayer rally in San Francisco headed by a black guy was labeled “racist” and “fascist” by them.
        “What is one supposed to do against a rally where hundreds (thousands?) of people are carrying torches (seriously?) and assault rifles (SERIOUSLY?) and chanting “Jews will not replace us”?”
        If their assault rifles and torches are legally being carried, let them have their rally and give them space. Ignore the Nazis and Klan members and their voice dies out. It was only this past year that the Klan and Nazis had a voice in this country because the media keeps reporting them all the freaking time. And it’s annoying because they are not our country and I want the media reporting about our country, not fringe movements like Antifa and Nazis and Klan.

    • Strongs119
      The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has formally classified the activities of anti-fascist groups (antifa) as “domestic terrorist violence” since early 2016, according to confidential law enforcement documents obtained by Politico and interviews.

      The below linked VIDEO of Brown antifa turning on White antifa provides a taste of what the future holds for White leftist progressives. Pay special attention to what one of the brown antifa members, tells the white antifa member about his “White DNA,” near the end of the clip.

      The FBI’s New U.S. Terrorist Threat: ‘Black Identity Extremists’

  • Jodie Jones

    I believe the majority of Trump’s religious advisory council has not said anything about his support for neo-nazis and white supremacy because the majority of those advising him on spiritual matters are prosperity gospel preachers. His lack of moral foundation on these issues and national repentance has nothing to do with becoming rich through belief and donating to their churches.

  • newenglandsun

    I prefer to treat politicians the same way I treat lab-rats. Don’t get attached. They are here to make certain the product is safe and afterward, they can be released…