Texas Bishops Suck Up to Donald Trump

Texas Bishops Suck Up to Donald Trump June 20, 2018

Oh well, the Bishops won’t offend the big GOP donors in their various conferences. Money does talk, after all. And big money shouts “Don’t diss Trump–he has filled my pockets with money.” 

Texas is, after all, a GOP bought and sold state. And so apparently all our Bishops are equally bought and sold.

Yeah, I’m about as angry as I’ve ever been.

Texas Bishops bought and sold by big money

In a joint letter just released by the five Texas Bishops of The United Methodist Church, they “commend” Donald Trump for taking the action that ends his administration’s policies for separating immigrant children and for Trump’s “putting the needs of these children at the forefront.”

Good God, what are they thinking?

I am relieved beyond words to be a retired clergy person. I can say what I think without worrying about being punished. I have, over the years, paid mightily for having spoken truth, but this time, I’m free to say whatever I want,

I feel for the clergy under appointment whose fate is in the hands of such a group of men.

These men, Bishop Michael McKee, North Texas Conference,  Bishop Scott J. Jones, Texas Conference,  Bishop Robert Schnase, Rio Texas Conference Bishop Michael Lowry, Central Texas Conference, and  Bishop Earl Bledsoe Northwest Texas Conference do indeed “commend” the person whose policies have wrought so much harm to so many that the damage may never be undone to these vulnerable children.

They “commend” him for finally realizing he is suddenly not popular anymore and needs to take action for which he will inevitably blame someone else for the evil promulgated by this administration that intentionally caused the harm and chaos.

Yes, the Bishops indeed say all the right things about protecting children. But gosh, this fantastic action for which they have “commended” him means enforcement officials can still lock up the children, although not in separate baby jails, as long as they are with their parents.

More, they can lock them up forever. How? Because it also includes instructions for getting rid of laws that forbid them from locking up children more than 20 days.

I wonder how many keys to various detainment cells will just get lost in this process.

Oh well, the Bishops won’t offend the big GOP donors in their various conferences. Money does talk, after all. And big money shouts “Don’t diss Trump–he has filled my pockets with money.”

Texas is, after all, a GOP bought and sold state. And so apparently all our Bishops are equally bought and sold.

Yeah, I’m about as angry as I’ve ever been.

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    • Linda Coleman Allen

      I think that your French is a little too good, but quite accurate.

      • Reese

        I recognize your talking points, as well. Very progressive…

    • Reese

      Ah, this is probably a very popular speaker at college campuses across our land. I have always been humbled in the face of deep intellect, sharp wit combined into clever discourse, all within the bounds of dignity and class. Oh, to be a liberal… I wonder if he ever dines with Aunt Maxine?

  • William M. Finnin,Jr., Th. D.,

    “Commend” our president for “doing something soon” to hold families legally seeking refugee status together in detention centers instead of ripping kids from their parents’ arms as he’d ordered earlier? Wait a minute. No longer incarcerating children without their parents in big box prison-like facilities and outside tents but now sending whole families seeking refuge to big box prison-like facilities and outside tents … together? Really now! So this is prophetic UM leadership Texas style? Just what Jesus would say? Just wondering.

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      I shudder to think what Jesus would say. Possibly the same things that he said to the money changers in the temple. And there was something about a millstone around the neck.

  • Reese

    Stopping an invasion is never easy and never pretty. Have you seen the cages that the children were kept in during the Obama years? And, invaders do not always tell the truth; it seems many, if not most, of these children are not traveling with parents or even relatives. They are sent by parents with others. They are the entry tickets. Some of those posing as their parents are very bad people. Real life i s real ugly and it takes real leadership to deal with it…

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      I eagerly await the arrival of real leadership.

    • I don’t know you, Reese, but I certainly recognize your “talking points,” and I can guess what “news sources” you rely on. “Invaders” is one of the worst, most inhumane terms I have ever heard applied to these refugees. You aren’t by any chance related to SCPOTUS45, are you? If not, I bet he’d be glad to give you a job in the WH. You already know the drill.

      • Reese

        You stay with Pelosi and her righteous indignation over MS-13 being called out, and I will stand with POTUS. Do you have locks on your doors? Do you lock them when you are leaving? Do you lock them when you sleep? In most big cities, people even lock them when they are home! Why? Because we never know who might come in… and it might not be a sweet child from down the street. It might be an awful person. We who voted for Trump, and support him strongly, did so because he promised to lock our big door and be selective about who we let in. Further, speaking as a citizen taxpayer, I see all our taxes being spent to educate, feed, and care for medically our uninvited guests. Some, we must incarcerate for crimes. That is OUR money, American’s money. Why are we expected to spend so much on non-Americans? The poor children are being used as pawns…

        • I never said I was “with Pelosi,” but I’d rather be with almost anyone other than someone who is in office for the sole purpose of stroking his massive ego and enriching himself and his children. Even IF he were effective in other ways, his utter disregard for constitutional safeguards against conflicts of interest on the part of the president is too high a price to pay for having him in office.

          I have no idea where you get the idea that “all our taxes [are] being spent to educate, feed, and care for medically our uninvited guests,” but you would do well to educate yourself a bit more. In the discretionary (i.e. the part that doesn’t involve already existing, legally binding commitments like Social Security, Medicare, student loans, government pensions, and interest on the national debt) portion of the FY2019 federal budget, 74% is for military spending, which your buddy continues to increase (https://www.thebalance.com/current-u-s-federal-government-spending-3305763).

          “The poor children are being used as pawns.” That’s actually the most sensible thing you said. You are absolutely correct. Trump used these refugee children as pawns in an attempt to extort his stupid wall, which only 40% of Americans want.


          • Reese

            More specifically, all that portion, costs of dealing with illegals, of our total taxes… Regret the shortcut. Obviously, we waste money in many other directions, too: the UN et al, paying poor women to have children they cannot afford, subsidies for goofy profs to study sex habits of bugs, global warming grants to study and write epistles on fiction, congressional spending, grants to countries who hate us… The list is endless as is my tolerance for those with the power to take our hard-earned money and p**s it away!

          • Reese, now that it’s clear your version of thinking is nothing more than spouting a string of memorized talking points and conspiracy theories with neither evidence nor compelling logic to back them up, I know that trying to engage you in a meaningful discussion is fruitless. So, I choose not to continue.

          • Reese

            I’ll sure miss ya. They say a man misses hemorrhoids when they draw back up… If I happen to pass you in my motor-home, it’s the one with the “Veterans for TRUMP” bumper sticker over a TEXAS plate. My retirement fund is up so much, that I bought that new beast and I am on the go. Life is good. You stay home and angry.

          • Reese

            Oooooops! Forgot two of the worst: millions in subsidies for bad art (if it was any good, somebody would pay U.S. currency for it) and Planned Parenthood.. What was I thinking to leave those out?!

        • You speak of Nancy Pelosi’s “righteous indignation over MS-13 being called out.” Hmmm. Perhaps you are unaware that by calling her indignation “righteous,” you just commended her. But what I’d really like to know is, WHERE’S YOURS? After Trump said either MS13 members of immigrants in general (it is unclear which he spoke of) “aren’t people” but rather “are animals,” Pelosi had this to say:

          “We believe, some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service, that we’re all God’s children, there’s a spark of divinity in every person on Earth, and that we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person and as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark of divinity within us. And so, when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?”

          Are you suggesting that she’s wrong, Reese? Are you saying we AREN’T created in God’s image (i.e. with a spark of divinity in us)? That’s a pretty widely held Christian belief and based on pretty solid biblical texts. I mean, it’s OK if you don’t . . . if you’re not a Christian. But if you’re not a Christian, why are you commenting/trolling on a Christian pastor’s blog?

          BTW, since you seem determined to “stand with POTUS,” I guess you’ll stand with Huckabee too, even after he tweeted this disgusting, racist, anti-Christian libel against Rep. Pelosi. Personally, I agree with Ms. DuVernay and wonder how the Southern Baptist Convention feels about one of their own (not to mention one-time candidate for president) sinking to this level. Oh wait, I forgot. You’re a Trumpazoid. You probably love Huckabee’s tweet.


  • Bill wilhelm

    As a Christian (I try), as a Methodist (born to it 72 years ago), as an American ( but made up of Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, Native American), but speaking as what I primarily am…a believer in doing good all of the time, and any way that I can, I challenge all to place themselves in the minds and bodies of these oppressed adults and children. Thank Heaven for Christy Thomas for being thoughtful and bold. She was the person whose account that I relied upon of the 2016 General Conference. She described it as though as I was there witnessing it. Thank you, Christy.

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      Bill, you are an American. We are all made up of our ancestors bloodlines and it is a wonderful thing. And you are right, Christy Thomas is indeed a shining light for us. I am blessed by her revelations and kindness, as is everyone who comes in contact with her. God bless and thank you.

  • Timothy Weston

    They are either unaware of or they willfully ignored that the president they support perpetrated this. Would this make them complicit with fellow UMC member Jeff Sessions?

  • pollyanna26

    Christy, Isn’t it great to be retired and able to speak your mind freely? This is one of the most truthful articles you have written, courageous, and on target. The hypocrisy of some of the leaders of the UMC – bishops, especially is sickening.

  • Brandon Roberts