September 24, 2018

So, I predict that, no, Brett Kavanaugh will not be sacrificed. I predict that women will yet again be slut-shamed, silenced, and slammed against the wall to be left to bleed out, not yet seeing our hopes for justice to prevail. OK, according to those who support The Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh, he has had a stellar legal career and his personal life is above reproach. Well, maybe not the last part of that, but still . . . he… Read more

September 17, 2018

So what does the Bible have to do with putting sexual predators in office? Everything. Because men are the leaders, the protectors, the deciders of what is good and what is evil, and the little woman’s job is to stay in her safe”protected” sphere, by definition if a woman is not “protected” SHE is in the wrong place!!!!! See, it’s all her fault!!!!! Bible-believing Christians like sexual predators. Our nation, spurred on by the support of the Bible-believers, elected one… Read more

September 4, 2018

What do our Bible-believing Christians do? Fight for policies and elect politicians who seek to remove hope of health care for the vulnerable, that yank food from their mouths, that make housing even more unaffordable, that deny a communal social good of making sure the least among us has adequate and safe shelter, nutritious food, the kind of medical care that leads to health, not just crisis care with its temporary bandage over pus-filled wounds. I read a commentary the other day… Read more

August 29, 2018

Any organization based on secrecy and tight hierarchies, with admittance only to celibate males, and with females in hidden, subservient roles, is going to be permeated by a combination of sexual perversion and sexual frustration. Such a system has, by definition, no external sources of accountability and many reasons for lack of transparency. It should not be necessary to say, but it is: Decency of action for those in leadership of a church, a community, or a government, is a… Read more

August 24, 2018

When Jesus spoke of the first man and first woman (he did not refer to them as Adam and Eve), when he spoke of Noah, he was pulling upon common language and common understandings of God as creator and human as storyteller. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: It seems to me that Christians have really worked themselves into a corner with the Adam and Eve myth.  By reading it literally and positing that the serpent is Satan in disguise, their theology is… Read more

July 30, 2018

Depending on your perspective, the demise of the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec is due either to the evil force of longstanding clergy overreach or the evil force of the feminist movement that began in the 1960’s. The statistic shocks: in the city of Quebec, Canada, 95 % of the entire population attended weekly Mass in the 1950’s. Now, 5% do. Since the ’50’s, 547 churches have been closed, sold or transformed. New owners range from theatrical companies to dance… Read more

July 17, 2018

We can’t help you. Now, if you are rich, if you are moneyed, if you think gays are intrinsically disordered and people of color should stay out of the US and are still quietly sure that women are second class but are losing courage to say it out loud because the #metoo’ers are making too much noise, then the good religious folk can create laws to help you get richer and buy more political power and oppress women more and keep… Read more

July 6, 2018

Of course educated young adults, having grown up in a multicultural and gender-fluid world, are leaving the church: they see it as a hateful and ignorant place, a place of lies and sexual discrimination. I don’t blame them. What is the single largest religious group in America? The non-religious. Data coming from PPRI (Public Religion Research Institute), a respected non-partisan research organization, tracks the rise of the non-religious from 6% in 1991 to 25% in 2016. It gets worse. Among… Read more

June 27, 2018

He does not equate Trump and Jesus and is also able to separate Trump’s questionable morality from his political leadership, something I have not been able to do. An editorial printed in the Saturday, June 23, 2018 edition of the Wall Street Journal, a soundly Republican newspaper, totally fascinated me. Titled, “Did an Ancient Greek Anticipate Trump” I found it helpful as I seek to make sense of the current world: recognize that is it not coherent and quit trying to find some… Read more

June 21, 2018

So in retrospect, I want to say this: I was not nearly hard enough on those Texas Bishops yesterday. Frankly, even the Nazi’s kept better records than it looks like our border guards have done. At least they had lists. Late Wednesday afternoon, the press release came out with the letter the Texas Bishops of The United Methodist Church wrote about the situation with the desperate immigrants on the southern border of the US. In that letter, they began by “commending” President… Read more

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