The Link 5.15.09: Star Trek’s Power, Carson on TGC, and the Millionaire Tire-Changer

The Link 5.15.09: Star Trek’s Power, Carson on TGC, and the Millionaire Tire-Changer May 15, 2009

startrek1. Caught a great cultural insight in Anthony Lane’s hilarious New Yorker review of the new Star Trek movie:

“[J. J. Abrams] is the perfect purveyor of fictions to a generation so easily and instinctively jaded that what it craves, above all, is a storteller who—with or without artistic personality, and regardless of any urge to provoke our thoughts or trouble our easy dreams—will never jade.”  Now if that’s not a call to Christians to promote the “non-jading” gospel, tell me what is.

2. Don Carson identifies what so many young Christians want today in an interview with CT (HT: Challies):

“I do think that there is a hunger in the land for a vision of confessional Christianity that is robust, God-centered, tough-minded, able to address today and tomorrow and the next day, and comprehensive.”  Exactly.  Young people want rugged, grand, glorious Christianity, Christianity that drives you to do meaningful things with the life that God has given you.

3. ESPN’s superb Outside the Lines program (a website featuring some of the best sportswriting you can find) profiles a man who walked away from millions as a pitcher to change tires at CostCo.  I also enjoyed a story about basketball player Chauncey Billups, who has beat all kinds of odds to be the “disposable superstar”.  If you’re a sucker for great, lengthy sportswriting that tells a story (like I am), you’ll love OTL.

4. Tim Challies linked to a website featuring the story of a young mother, Rachel, who contracted cancer and has battled it for years.  It looks powerful.  I”m hoping to watch the video myself.  Update: read a letter where Rachel discusses the process of dying.  Heartbreaking, but by God’s grace, her faith is strong.

5. I said this last week, but if you aren’t listening to LeCrae’s “Don’t Waste Your Life”, you are missing out.  You’ll walk faster, you’ll pump more iron, and you’ll be edified all the while.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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  • Kyle Sprecher


    Thanks for the links. I see the word “confessional” used often and have heard Dr. Carson use it on more than one occasion.

    Do you know what he means? I take it he doesn’t mean “adhering to the Westminster” confession–or does he? Help a confused brother out!

    Thanks, Kyle

  • owenstrachan

    Kyle, good question. I believe he means Christian traditions that root their identity in a historic confession–ala Westminster, London, Philadelphia, New Hampshire, etc. He’s saying, I think, that many confessional Christians want more than just a confession to which we refer on questions about the millenium–we want a confession with legs that hits the ground and takes some ground for the kingdom.

    Hope that helps.