The Link 10.17.09: John Wooden, I Am Second, and eastmountainsouth

The Link 10.17.09: John Wooden, I Am Second, and eastmountainsouth October 17, 2009

wooden1. John Wooden is still dropping quotables.  How many of us will be doing that at age 99? (Image: LakersTopBuzz)

2. Came across this evangelistic website somewhere, and found it interesting: I Am Second.  Check it out.  Here’s the blog.  And here’s a story about it.  A creative way to witness, seems like.

3. The Kevin Durant conundrum: such good stats, yet a bad plus/minus rating (which means, basically, that his team loses more points than they gain when he’s on the court).  What was that in the back?  Did you say…defense?

4. Mark Driscoll is now writing for the Washington Post’s “On Faith” deal.  Cool.

5. Southern Seminary theologian-in-training Dave Schrock searches out what it means for every church member to be a “biblical theologian,” working off of Thabiti Anyabwile’s material.  Great stuff.

6. Quoting Jason Kovacs, Z lists some piercing statistics related to orphans.

7. Have you ever heard of eastmountainsouth?  To put this simply, they make beautiful music.  If windswept prairies and forgotten towns could play instruments and record them in Dreamworks labs, this is what they would sound like.  Don’t get hung up on the recording date–buy this album.

–Have a blessed weekend, all.

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  • Calvinator

    On an equally light note, after viewing your enjoyable interview with Ravi Zacharias, I have one question: Are you a former member of the Christian Contemporary Music group DC Talk?

  • viaemmaus

    Owen, thanks for link. Your other link, links to my former pastor, John Meador, on Though he is almost entirely deaf, he has served as a pastor for more than 2 decades. I am very grateful for him. He is just one of the seconds!