Tucker Carlson’s New Political Website: Daily Caller

Tucker Carlson’s New Political Website: Daily Caller January 19, 2010

Those of you who take an interest in politics and conservative thought should note a new website started by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.  It’s called The Daily Caller and it’s good a lot of good content, including a column by one of my favorite writers, Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard.

I’m sure that I won’t agree with everything on the site, but it looks like a good place to go for conservative political commentary. On another note, it’s interesting to see a website promoting content once reserved for more traditional journalistic endeavors. Journalists and writers may increasingly migrate to this sort of site over traditional news outlets.  We’ll see.  Whether that’s true or not, check out the site if you’re so inclined.

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  • Thanks for the link. Tucker has good insight and isn’t a crazy man!

    “Salt and Light”

  • The Daily Caller also employs an excellent reporter, Jon Ward, who formerly covered the White House for the Washington Times.