Sacrifice of the Fittest, Boys Being Girls, and Tim Tebow

Sacrifice of the Fittest, Boys Being Girls, and Tim Tebow April 27, 2010

Andrew Lisi just wrote an excellent piece on sacrifice from Leviticus.  I loved this paragraph:

But as I was reading through today I came across Lev. 22:21 and immediately saw one of the countless threads rooted in that book of the Bible that’s woven throughout Scripture. In Leviticus the perfect animal sacrifice is called for. The demand is not for just any animal. It couldn’t be deformed or defected in any way. I can only imagine the “Best in Show” of all animals. This also seems to go against everything our modern minds consider, especially our Darwinian-informed minds. This is a “sacrificing of the fittest.”

What is on view here is the reality that God deserves the very best offering for our sin, the very worst in us. More than that – he demands it.

This seemed to me to be a great turn of phrase, and also a helpful angle on sacrifice in the Bible.  In fact, this is a great concept to turn over, think deeply about, and maybe explore in more detail.  God doesn’t demand the sacrifice of the weak and cheap, but the mighty and costly.  Pretty profound stuff.


I’ve got to give a major caution here because this video, “Boys Will Be Girls”, has some offensive content (I would cut it off at 3:45).  It’s similar to Saturday Night Live, which I watch little of due to objectionable material.  Some will want to give it a pass, especially those watching Internet usage of children.

But if you want to see some cutting-edge cultural commentary that seems to speak to the state of modern manhood, check out this video by the Harvard Sailing Team, an NYC sketch comedy group.  Ashton Kutcher, Cosmopolitan, and Comedy Central have all taken note of this new group.

Again, I don’t support the offensive content at all (and you might want to cut out early at 3:45).  I do think, however, it makes some noteworthy points about modern men.


How will the Broncos use Tim Tebow?  Many are wondering.  The NYT has some thoughts.  On another note, here’s hoping he can maintain his testimony in the NFL…


Two upcoming concerts in the TEDS area: Peter Bradley Adams on April 30 (and May 1) and Andrew Belle on May 1.  Scroll down on Adams’s website to see shows on the right.  Andrew Stravitz, hipster culture watcher at large, clued me in to the first; many thanks.

(Image of Zurbaran’s Agnus Dei, 1635-40: JesusWalk)

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