Jonathan Edwards on Hell

Jonathan Edwards on Hell May 9, 2011

I recently had the privilege to sit down with Dustin Neeley of Church Planting for the Rest of Us to talk about several topics that will be released on video, including Jonathan Edwards on hell.  The above video covers how Edwards might have responded to the recent controversy regarding Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.  As I say in the video, Edwards believed that hell was powerfully evangelistic.  There is an irony in that reality–the worst news can end up being good news for those who cry out to God for mercy.

By the way, Dustin’s blog is chock full of great content.  The pastor of Crossing Church in Louisville, he’s something of an interview maestro, and he’s sat down with all kinds of pastors and leaders and asked them very good, direct, honest questions, many of which relate to pastoring and church planting from a regular guy’s perspective.  Visit Church Planting for the Rest of Us and find a wealth of good material there for your ministry.  In the past few days alone he has great material from Mark Dever and Daniel Montgomery of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville.  Plus, he exercises a keen eye for the cool button-up.

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