Things You Should Be Reading: Credo Magazine on Solus Christus

Things You Should Be Reading: Credo Magazine on Solus Christus January 25, 2012

This just in from Credo: issue number two is out.  It’s on “In Christ Alone,” what the reformers called Solus Christus, and it looks like a humdinger.

Here’s the teaser:

“In Christ Alone” – The January issue of Credo Magazine is here!

The January issue argues for the exclusivity of the gospel, especially in light of the movement known as inclusivism. This issue will seek to answer questions like: Can those who have never heard the gospel of Christ be saved? Will everyone be saved in the end or will some spend an eternity in hell? Must someone have explicit faith in Christ to be saved? Contributors include David Wells, Robert Peterson, Michael Horton, Gerald Bray, Todd Miles, Todd Borger, Ardel Caneday, Nathan Finn, Trevin Wax, Michael Reeves, and many others.

As you can see, the second issue of Credo features an impressive list of contributors.

One great feature of this new publication is the “Ten Questions” with a leading theologian.  The January 2012 issue features David Wells of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, one of my favorite thinkers and writers.  Here’s a snatch from the interview:

Credo: To many leading evangelicals, you are a father figure in many ways. But when you first entered the teaching ministry who did you look up to the most?

Wells: I was deeply shaped by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, whose church I attended twice a week in London, by Schaeffer with whom my wife and I worked, by John Stott with whom I lived for five years, and I always had the highest regard for Carl Henry.  I never found him incomprehensible as others said they did but, on the contrary, he was for me a model of what theologians should be doing.  I always wished that Karl Barth’s immense talent and majestic vision had been worked out a little differently but I always appreciated reading him even when I had to argue with him.

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