Al Mohler on Global Gospel Promotion

Al Mohler on Global Gospel Promotion January 18, 2013

This video, announcing this collegiate conference in February 2013, is beautifully done and deeply inspiring. I appreciate Al Mohler for many reasons; one of the most important is that he has done careful thinking on global cities and how they relate to the spread of the gospel. His co-speaker at the Resolute conference, John Piper, has done a great deal on this front (in case you hadn’t heard of, I don’t know, this gasoline on the fire of the contemporary missions movement).

Whether you want to come to this conference or not, watch the video and be moved. Then listen to this Southern Seminary convocation address, and let me know if your hair isn’t on fire out of passion for global missions in the name of Christ.

I’ve heard Mohler speak on many occasions. I think this is my favorite message of his.

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