Terrence Malick Filmmaking: A Truthful and Beautiful Pro-Life Film

Terrence Malick Filmmaking: A Truthful and Beautiful Pro-Life Film March 12, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to see the preview of a film called LIFE that took my breath away. You can watch the same preview above; I encourage you to do so.

This isn’t your standard evangelical movie. For starters, its look and feel are reminiscent of a Terrence Malick film. That alone caught my attention in my first viewing (I’ve since watched it numerous times). There aren’t many films produced by Christians that a) aspire to such cinematic heights and b) come anywhere close to realizing them. From what I have seen in this trailer, LIFE does. It will.

But here’s the catch: the film needs funding. It’s the creation of NADUS films, run by a gifted moviemaker named Coury Deeb. NADUS is based in Louisville and has already created several full-length features.

Here’s a snapshot of what the film will be, and do, provided it can move ahead: 

Nadus Films will follow several women with different stories to gain an accurate and truthful perspective and experience. While following these women, Nadus will enter into their world, building relationships and discovering the desires and motivations of anyone within the character’s scope of influence including family members, boyfriends, doctors and nurses, friends, etc. Nadus will also interview a variety of experts in the field, pro-choice and life advocates, post-abortive mothers, etc. to build a full, accurate, and compelling story. Through this journey, Nadus will expose the corruption and tragedy of abortion.

By choosing to follow characters in the midst of their pregnancy and decision, the outcome of this film is largely uncontrolled. It is the hope of Nadus, through the experiences the women have with the film crew and journey, that they would choose life for their child. Regardless, Nadus will expose a divided world, the raw struggle women experience when in an unwanted pregnancy, and the value of life over any temptation, difficulty, or desire.

Nadus will combine journalistic advocacy with a cinematic story to capture audiences and bring forth justice for the unborn, and hope of restoration for all.

Would you consider supporting this film? Or maybe you can’t do that. Perhaps you could send on word of the project to someone who has an interest in producing excellent art that advances righteous causes?

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of project that I’m always looking for but rarely see: art that is honest, beautiful, and truthful. My prayer is that LIFE is funded, goes ahead, and is used by the Lord to save many lives and glorify the maker of all the living.

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