3 Reasons You Should Start Reading Jonathan Edwards

3 Reasons You Should Start Reading Jonathan Edwards June 5, 2013

Why should you read the writing of a man who died 250 years ago, spent a ton of time in his study, and is regularly mocked in tenth-grade English classes?

Over at Ligonier, I make the case that you should read Jonathan Edwards, greatest of American preachers, for these three reasons.

And then, to whet the reader’s appetite, I give for Ligonier four of my favorite paragraphs from all 25 volumes of Edwards’s works. I then comment briefly on what makes them great. I became a devotee of Edwards over a decade ago, and it’s part of my mission in life to bring as many people with me as I can. Edwards is my favorite theologian, the figure I’ve picked to be my theological mentor for the rest of my days, and I think you too will profit immensely from reading him for the rest of your life.

Here, by the by, are the five short volumes I wrote on Edwards with another patron of Edwardsianism, my good friend Douglas Sweeney.


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