Why You Should Trust the Apostle Paul Over Precocious Millennials

Why You Should Trust the Apostle Paul Over Precocious Millennials May 16, 2014

My brother-at-arms Andrew Walker and I just wrote a piece entitled, puckishly, “Why the Church Is Wrong” for First Thoughts of First Things. It’s on the revisionist hermeneutic and hubris of Matthew Vines, Rachel Held Evans, and their ilk. You may know that these are the same folks who dare to correct the apostle Paul, a man martyred for his faith and inspired by the Holy Spirit in his writings, on his sexual ethics.

Here’s a swatch from the piece:

It is a key plank in Vinesian exegesis that the writers of the New Testament lacked a modern comprehension of individuals with a same-sex orientation. But this approach to interpretation defies how the Scripture understands itself and distorts any credible doctrine of inspiration. If the Church—a pillar and buttress of the truth (1 Tim: 3:15)—has been wrong on homosexuality, what else has she been wrong on?

Read the whole thing. If you believe in God-given apostolicity, it may just get your blood pumping on this fine Friday afternoon. We are in the age when the uncredentialed millennial feels no compunction about lecturing and correcting the apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in his doctrinal particulars.

Arrogance–sheer, unbridled arrogance–of this kind deserves refutation. Beware Greeks bearing bonds, it seems, and bloggers bearing revisionist doctrine.

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