The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood January 29, 2015

Mountains Three Sisters, CanmoreBiblical manhood and womanhood are worth celebrating. All the teaching of Scripture is good. All of it is good for us.

It was a distinct pleasure to travel to Calgary, Alberta last week to speak at a conference jointly held by Calvary Grace Church, a thriving urban church plant, and the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. According to several sources, the conference on “The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood,” may well have been the first of its kind in Canada. At the very least, this sort of event is a definite rarity in Northern America and Canada.

I spoke a number of times, and was very thankful for the ministry of Jodi Ware, wife of theologian Bruce Ware, and my mother-in-law. Before the main conference, she spoke to a large group of women, while I joined Clint Humfrey, CGC Senior Pastor, and several other pastors in addressing a pastoral track. Clint’s talk, linked below, was a stirring call to complementarian courage. Gavin Peacock, CGC Missions Pastor, gave a powerful message in the main conference on the need to prioritize robust gender roles in the home.

After seeing Gavin take such a brave stand for biblical truth, it was delightful to spend a good bit of time with him in person. The Calvary Grace elders are men of winsome conviction and gospel passion. Such church leaders, serving faithfully in thousands of complementarian congregations all over the world, fill me with hope about the future.

In sum, this was an exciting event, one that represents what the UK outlet Christian Today recently called a “resurgence of strongly complementarian teaching.” I’m thrilled to see this happening under the kind providence of God. Below are a number of messages from the event; you can find all media here. CBMW was delighted to partner with CGC, and we look forward to developing our connections in Canada and abroad, and going full-steam ahead to the glory of God. When it comes to the promotion of biblical truth, we won’t be playing defense; we’ll be very glad to play offense.

By the way, I just saw a FaithStreet critique of an earlier post of mine related to singleness. The author, Aaron Griffith, may well be interested in the talk below I gave, entitled “Singleness.” It follows on the heels of a rousing address CBMW asked David Platt to give on singleness at our 2014 National Conference. (It is, gratifyingly, the most-viewed message of the nine given at the conference.)

We’ve also featured numerous articles on singleness on our site since I began leading CBMW–here’s one, here’s another, and here’s yet one more. This focus on the topic has been intentional. (A search of “CBMW singleness” on Google will yield many hits.)

It didn’t hurt, by the way, to spend some time near the Canadian Rockies (see the image in above left). These mountains afford one of the most spectacular views on offer in the Western hemisphere.

1. Overview of Biblical Sexuality (Owen Strachan)

2. Husbands and Fathers (Strachan)

3. Singleness (Strachan)

4. 25 Years of Keeping Covenant (Gavin Peacock)

5. Peacock and Strachan Q&A

6. Who’s Afraid of Being a Byword? (Clint Humfrey)

7. Q&A with Jodi Ware and Owen Strachan


(Image of Three Sisters: Wikimedia Commons)

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