The Modern Celtic Wanderer Podcast is Live!

The Modern Celtic Wanderer Podcast is Live! March 31, 2021

The Modern Celtic Wander isn’t just written anymore!

If you have enjoyed the discussions on prayer, Celtic Spirituality and current events, but are looking for a deeper conversation? Join us on the Modern Celtic Wanderer Podcast! Each week we will discuss the wanderings of John through modern Christianity, doctrine, theology and current events. We will discuss what is written about here in a deeper way. It is an opportunity to engage more seriously with the content found here on Patheos.

There will be interviews and thought provoking questions that I am wandering through as I engage my Celtic Spirituality into the faith that I have deconstructed and reconstructed. It is a journey for the Love of Christ, and a place to have meaningful dialogue about major questions and issues of the Christian faith.

New Episodes appear weekly, and the conversations will be meaningful and applicable if you are struggling with or deconstructing your faith. You are not alone, and their are ways to reconstruct that faith in Celtic traditions. Please consider joining us and engaging with us!

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