Diagacht Tráthúil (Timeless Theology) Book Coming Soon!

Diagacht Tráthúil (Timeless Theology) Book Coming Soon! April 11, 2021

Coming in a few weeks, my new book Diagacht Tráthúil (Timeless Theology) will hit the shelves! I am excited to share the journey with Christ I have taken with my theology. This book gives the reader a chance to see and understand multiple views of theology in the western church. The book also will serve as a glimpse into the ancient Celtic Church and how they may have viewed some of our modern theological questions.

This book is for anyone who is on the fringes of the church. I wrote the book to give myself and the reader a deeper view of this ancient faith in Christ we all share. The book goes deep into the some of the biggest questions I have been asked. The book also answers questions asked of me by those struggling with their faith. To get updates on the release date or to get your copy when it is available click here:

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