7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 3

7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 3 August 27, 2011


First week back to crazy time!!! The kids and I went back to school this week and overall it’s been a good week. I really thought that getting Daniel up for 6:30 am football practice would be much harder. But much to my surprise it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I hope it stays that way, and if it does I may have to nominate his football coach for teacher of the whole world. Getting Daniel to do anything that requires waking up early, going outside and movement is a true miracle.


Felecity (Flea) is excited that she finally gets to ride shot gun to school now that she is the only one left in Elementary school. The first day of school she was screaming “free at last! Free at last!!”. LOL  She was so excited about going back to school that she couldn’t sleep. She got the teacher she wanted, she gets to ride shot gun to school, the boys aren’t there to watch her every move, AND she gets picked up from school so no more walking. What could make it better? Getting picked up by Abby Johnson and getting her nails done. DUH! Yep how’s that for the royal treatment?


So along with the kids, I went back to class this week too. I love going to school which is probably where Flea gets it from. I’m taking Ethics, Human development and Math. I failed my first attempt at Ethics, so I have been praying that this semester will be much better. I thought my prayers were answered when I realized that my professor seems to be Catholic. I made that assumption from him calling abortion infantcide and saying he learned Latin in the 8th grade. Those two things just seem pretty Catholic to me. Just when I was about to sigh in relief the woman next to me informed me that she is a political activist for Planned Parenthood. GREEEAT!!


Gabriel is just excited to be in middle school. He is growing up and loves it. Not to mention he loves the library!!


Anthony is a senior!!! Whaaaaa? He’s not to excited about that, just because it means his life as he knows it is over. Next year it’s adulthood! I kinda feel bad for him, but still I’m trying to be excited for him. He even said I am allowed to go to his pep-rallies. YEY!!


I have been drinking my coffee with no sugar all week and trying to watch what I eat. I’ve gained 20 lbs since the wedding last October and it’s just not cute anymore. I don’t like it, but I’m tired of not fitting into my clothes. I have missed my sweet coffee so bad that I even had a dream last night that I was drinking coffee with sugar and a doughnut. I think my subconscious is protesting the no sugar diet. The good news is apparently white wine is low in calories!


My husband had the pleasure of saving fr0m our friend Jennifer Fulwiler from the attack of scorpions she’s been under for awhile now. She even plugged us on her blog, which is the coolest thing ever!! My husband is the one on the left. Isn’t he cute?

So how’s that for a week? You know you’re Catholic when your daughter gets picked up from school by Abby Johnson and your husband sprays Jennifer Fulwiler’s house for scorpions.

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