Reason #2353434 That I love Being Catholic: Snow Mass

Reason #2353434 That I love Being Catholic: Snow Mass January 23, 2016

Yesterday thousands of pro-lifers from all walks of life and different backgrounds and religions ( and some with no religion) came together to March for Life in Washington DC. Unlike most years though, this year had a serious plot twist: a huge snow storm was heading right for it. I really thought that it was a bad idea for the March to go on with the weather situation, but as I saw picture after picture come through my Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter Timeline, I was so proud of these people for Marching for Life like champs! And then this morning I started seeing news of people stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in buses trying to get home. I saw the prayer requests and starting thinking to myself about how right I was that the weather was too horrible for people to have gone to the March for Life. I have such little faith sometimes. All of that flew out the window when these pictures started popping up on Facebook:

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

This is how to Catholic in a snow storm. I love being Catholic. If you have a snow storm and a priest, build a snow altar and celebrate Mass. The Mass in where Heaven and Earth meet and why not have that meeting on the side of the highway when the highway is closed and you have nothing better to do? It’s awesome. What a witness to other too. Not just to other people stranded on that highway, but to me sitting here in Texas in my bed so sick from allergies. I needed that reminder of what the Mass is and Who it is that we love through the Liturgy. These students are a true witness of what it means to belong to Jesus Christ and how we carry our crosses.

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  • JohnWValentine1

    I just heard on Fox News about another busload of students, helping others in cars in the snowdrift. What champs!

  • Anna

    Oh, hey, that’s Fr. Damian under that umbrella! Also, somewhere in that crowd is my 7-mos-pg sister-in-law, so say a prayer they get going safely and soon!

  • claycosse

    Turnpike mass on snow altar is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Mr.Jim

    Here’s another great background story that will get ZERO coverage from the mainstream media.

  • Mr.Jim

    It’s a terrible thing that the MSM…..mainstream media almost NEVER covers the “pro-life” marches on Washington.

  • Sophia Sadek

    I am not so sure that Jesus would have agreed with the Catholic position on abortion. Caesar certainly would have. He opposed contraception of any sort on the grounds that it limited state power.

  • Igotfreshmilk

    I have a friend who had 3 kids on that bus. Thought you would like to know that everyone made it home safe and sound.