RISEN: A Movie about Searching for the Risen Christ

RISEN: A Movie about Searching for the Risen Christ February 4, 2016


The central point of Christianity is the Resurrection of Jesus after His death on the Cross. Everything else is either before or after of the story, but in the center is the fact that Jesus conquered sin and death to open the doors to Heaven for those of us who choose, by our own free will, to follow Him. 

There comes a point in every Christian’s life where we ask ourselves if we really believe that He rose. I remember exactly where I was the moment that I asked myself the question seriously. For most of my life I celebrated Easter with egg hunts and candy, but I never really sat with myself and questioned whether or not I truly believed that Jesus had risen from the dead. I assumed that I believed that…I was raised to believe it, but something different happened the moment that I truly questioned whether it was true or not. Suddenly I was presented with a choice. To follow Him or to go the other way.

Risen is a movie based on the search for the Body of Christ after His death. The trailer looks like this movie is going to be amazing. It looks really well done and like a movie that can get people to ask themselves if they believe that Jesus rose from the dead. That question can lead to their own search for the Risen Christ and so many things can happen from there.

The star of the movie, Joseph Fiennes met Pope Francis at a general audience this week and the look on his face just shows that this part was something special to him. Maybe I’m reaching, but I do know exactly how God works and how He uses things to get our attention. I am looking forward to this movie and seeing how God reaches people with it.

I found the answer to my question on a cobblestone road in Rome on Holy Saturday, 2010. I asked myself if I was really going to be the kind of person who lived my entire life based on a story that God became man, died for my sins and then rose from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. It sounded insane to change everything in my life based on that. I wondered if I was willing to really put faith in that story. And then Jesus showed up in a real way in the form of a shepherd and his herd of sheep and I just knew that it was all true. I have never doubted it again, even though I doubt a lot of things and sometimes wonder if there is another way to follow Him that doesn’t involve crosses! But I never doubt the fact that Jesus is indeed Risen.

Check out the trailer!


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