Lawd, This Election

Lawd, This Election August 1, 2016
Photo from Flickr
Photo from Flickr

I am not exactly sure how the GOP managed to nominate the one person in the entire country who makes Hillary Clinton look good, but they did. I’ve been watching Trump go after the father of a fallen soldier in shock. While Hillary is a bit dismissive of the mother of the man killed in Benghazi, her dismissiveness seems empathetic compared to Trump’s blatant insults to the parents who lost their son in combat about their character and insulting their faith (remember when Trump was whining about the Pope questioning his faith?). How did this happen? Don’t look at me, I was a Rubio supporter.

As I watched Trump go after a Gold Star family, I saw Democrats call the GOP the “Party of Stupid”. Now, I would say that Trump makes Hillary look better than she would look running against literally anyone else, but she is still Hillary Clinton guys. Ya’ll aren’t exactly making the case of how smart your party is other than saying “at least she’s not Trump”. That’s not a sign of genius.

Lawd, this election is just awful. We are stuck between a pot calling a kettle black and vice versa. Neither of these people understands the dignity of the human person at all.

I am going to say it though: Donald Trump seems like a sociopath. Both Hillary and Trump seem narcissistic liars, but only Trump seems to also be a sociopath, or at least one with a lack of self control to not sound like sociopath openly without regard for the opinions of others, including people in his own party who are telling him to let this fight with the father of a dead son go.

He can’t let it go. He can’t let anything go. That’s a problem. A good leader has the ability to apologize when they realize that they have stepped in it (by “it”, I mean “shit” but I’m trying not to cuss). Trump does not have this ability. At all. He shifts blame on any question that holds him accountable on any level about anything. He doesn’t take responsibility for the decisions of his people. What kind of leadership is that? Let me give you a clue: it’s not.

No, I’m not planning on voting for Hillary. I have no clue what I’m going to do and to be really honest, I am totally over politics. I’m just pointing out that there is something tremendously wrong with Donald Trump and I’m in shock that he’s the Republican Nominee. Total and complete shock. I just don’t know how anyone can even begin to defend the insults he’s throwing at the parents of a fallen soldier. But I am sure that my combox will be full of them, which is why I won’t be looking at it.

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  • Ken

    Just wait til next week when Trump does something even worse. Not only is this morally reprehensible it’s a total trap that he’s walked into. Hillary said at the convention that he is unstable and can’t resist fighting back at every insult and what does he do? He fires back at the insult that came out of the same convention! It’s so painful to watch him and then realize your other choice is Hillary. I’m abstaining from voting I can’t, in good conscious, vote for either of them.

  • Ken

    I didn’t mean to say the Khan’s aren’t sincere in their speech and that it was purely a trap by the democrats. I just meant to say the Trump is not only morally wrong to respond to the mother the way he did but that’s also politically and publically stupid to do so.
    My heart breaks for the Khan family. The Khan family and their son are in my prayers.

  • Sophia Sadek

    What a charade!

  • Yep.

  • said she

    Don’t abstain! Vote 3rd party – the best way to break free of the duopoly. Even if the 3rd party doesn’t win, your vote is helpful, because it only takes 5% of the popular vote for a 3rd party to be on all ballots next time.

    I recommend Chris Keniston – – Veterans Party