Catholic Lenses?

We all look at the world through different lenses. These lenses affect how we see everything. This can be shown if you look at certain websites in the USA today where it is very clear that the authors read this through the lens of their party or political philosophy. Catholicism doesn’t correspond to any one political party but provides a certain lens through which we can view the world.

In this space I try to view the world through Catholic lenses and help you, the reader, to do the same. To this end, a portion of this blog is giving news analysis from a Catholic perspective and a portion is more thoughtful and completely original pieces that try to go deeper on an important topic. Each article presents a part of the puzzle that helps us see the world from a Catholic perspective or a Catholic worldview.

I don’t guarantee I’ll cover every topic or give each topic its proper weight. Like everyone, I have certain topics that move me more to write and others that move me less. What I do guarantee is that I will come at every topic from a Catholic worldview and help you see the world with the clarity that Catholic lenses give it.

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